What's wrong with me?

I broke up with my last boyfriend about 6 months ago,mainly because for a 21 year old girl I have uncontrollable s** addiction.
This new guy I started seeing knows nothing of my problem and that helped me a bit.We've been together for 2 months and the s** is ok I guess.But 2 weeks ago I literally started craving my ex so much that 1 evening I went to see him with honest intentions and I ended up letting him in my pants,not once but 3 times including the following morning.Over the last 2 weeks we've probably had s** about well over 15 times.The last time being 2 nights ago in his car.
I don't have the heart to tell my new guy that I've been with my ex again especially since he's had sloppy 2nd's.I just hope the urge to s**** will settle soon.
I can't explain what makes me want s** so much either.Is it my ex's huge d*** or how hard and fast he likes to f*** me?Or is it the fact that I love to moan and scream when he drills my p****.
I'm not sure what to do.Should I get back with my ex or tell my new BF everything?Also is there treatment for s** addiction?Or should I just enjoy it all while I'm young?

Apr 29, 2013

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  • Frankly, I think you're just a moron. An uncontrollable s** addiction doesn't sound so f***** up if it's just with one dude over and over again. If the only reason you broke up with him is because of his huge d*** that you love so much then you really had no reason to break up with him. You also didn't state the interpersonal issues with the ex, if all you consider in a relationship is s** then you shouldn't have one with anyone.

  • You need Jesus. We were created to be intimate with only 1 life long partner of the opposite s**. Anything else will eventually result in what the Bible calls the second death. This is the truth. Call out to Jesus, ask Him to forgive you, and to give you the grace to follow Him.

  • No, we're not, if that were the case then I would think that it would be impossible to do so if it was such a big issue. If you go around your whole life thinking that everyone's unsavory actions are caused by Satan controlling their mind then you are extremely immature and grandoise. And nothing you said would really help anyone, Jesus wasn't ever with anyone so what would he know about interpersonal relationships between two signigicant others, and if he is the incarnation of your god then he would know that people make their own choices in life, the only ones that are tempted by Satan are the ones to worship him. Keep your useless rabble to yourself, Jesus isn't involved and I'm pretty sure he's sick of you going around telling everyone that he'll solve their problems for them.

  • Stop worrying. You aren't an addict, you just love to bang, and that is a great thing. Do NOT tell your b/f about the visits to see the ex. Just enjoy both of them for as long as possible. And if they don't give you everything you need sexually, add a third man. AND HAVE FUN!!!

  • Your comment was also useless like the above one, yeah lets the tell the already shameful person to continue her shameless, backstabbing ways by involving even more people. Your basically telling her to solve her problem by accepting promiscuity as a positive aspect of character, when in fact it is disgusting. If you're just out to have s** with alot of people, then you shouldn't form an official relationship. You make me sick

  • You make me laugh. You're such a moralizer and you ignore the realities of life in the 21st Century. Wake up and smell the love.

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