Stupid dude, cool wife...

My neighbor is so racist and makes his stupid races right in my face. Unfortunately, his wife always wanted to try a black man and was never that lucky. Well, he went on vacation and she saw me driving home and stopped to apologize 4 the husband behavior. I jokingly said I would've kicked his ass long ago, wasnt it for his hot and desirable wife. Power to the men with the hot wives. She laughed hard and turn red. I was in disbelief but actually told her she can come by anytime. She was like yeah right, u want ur wife to kill me. I told her my wife was visiting her sick mother, so we can console each other. She just kept laughing... To make a long story short, 9 PM door knocked there she is telling me she just couldnt sleep. We sat, offered her beer that she refused but offered me a glass of wine she brought wit her. I started thinking she to have s**. Anyway, from movie we ended up spending the night together. Memorable is when I penetrated her, she was acting like she wanted to f*** so bad. I'm npt going to brag abt my size cuz its pretty regular but this made me feel like mandingo. She was holding me tight, kissing me nonstop, spreading her legs live as I've never seen. ANd she came within 2 mns. Then again within 1 hr. We both fell asleep but i was awaken by her sucking me to get me hard, she clearly told me all she wanna do now is f***. I spent the entire vacation f****** her. Now her husband is back and my wife is back, she wont stay away, she's acting in ways that can get any1 suspicious. But this dude think white hate blacks so much dat her wife sees me as a dog. Now my fun time is everytime he acts racist, The girl has to come apologize while I'm f****** her. And trust me she wont finish apologizing until she comes twice. It gets me super excited though. Even more problem is now that I f*** her so much and my wife and I barely do it, we cant stay off each other but it seems though as she wants her hubby 2 find out. Honestly, I wont leave my African queen 4 her though the s** is good. She just cant stay away, when I stay home she comes knocking and if my wife is not there I have 2 f*** her. I want her but in my spare time, not all the time. If she stops this though I'll regret, she's my only fun... Cool wife there


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  • Excellent way to prove him wrong in his racist thinking.


  • Dream on Knee-grow

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