Want my boss.....

So I have been married for 16 years but have been having an affair with a man for about 10 years. It is still going on but I seriously want his brother now who happens to be my boss. I don't know why because I am happily married but I have to have this man. I can't think straight at work anymore all I think about is having s** with him! I hate being a w****!!

May 2, 2013

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  • Ever hear of "delayed gratification"? Lets break this down to brass tacks. S** feels good, and therefore people want it. Society has rules, loosely & variously referred to as a Moral Code, or simply Morals, some might say Ethics--there are many terms--that are used to govern social interaction. Sometimes (often) these have a religious foundation. What most of these have in common is that many, if not most, address "behaviors against" (thou shalt NOT...). Ultimately, you must decide what's best for you--instant gratification, or delayed gratification--which behavior is the most loving way that YOU can treat YOU? For me, it usually works like this:
    Instant Gratification = Short-Term Gain (Long-Term Pain)
    Delayed Gratification = Short-Term Pain (Long-Term Gain)
    Choose lovingly for YOU (be gentle with you!!!).

  • No you don't. You are just a car wash c*** who thinks
    your washing Ferrari's and Porsche's. Get your mind back to reality and get back in that Toyota, "you asked for it , you got"

  • The f*** is a car wash c***?

  • My boss drives me so f****** nuts that I can barely work so I know what you mean. I also know what you need. You need to be f****** him. LOTS!

  • Seriously, why are you even married? You've been cheating for over half of it, and obviously not going to stop.

  • No idea when this was posted, but I am inclined to say, what the h*** is wrong with your marriage that isn't worth fixing?

  • F****** the boss is so hot and so fun. I love what you're doing and I hope you keep doing it.

  • Ur not a w**** u just want ur boss really really bad and so u should have him. its hot.

  • Me and my boss hook it up but not as much as we like because we have to be so careful, working in the same small office suites and with both of us being married. It's maybe twice a week.......maybe. But if it was up to me, I'd have him in me and hitting it like twice a day or even more. That d*** is so f****** good and I love the way he throws that thing around, and he loves the fact that I'm a three-hole gal and won't ever deny him pleasure. The s** is better than anything I've ever had and the cheating is just so exciting. You aren't a w****, so stop worrying and start dating him.

  • You guys are just nasty s****. people like you should die. you f****** wastes of skin.

  • to borrow a phrase..........just do it.

  • im married and in an affair with my married boss and its great. i had to wait almost half a year while he got out of another affair with somebody else but i wanted him so bad and fantasized about him so much that i wasnt going to let him pass me by once he got out. i would just sit at my desk dripping for him and wanting him and i kept telling him that i wanted it and finally we connected big time and its just the best s** i ever had. like ever and i dont even look around outside my marriage anymore because hes all i want and need. i dont even do my husband anymore i only do my boss and its just incredible. god its just so hot and nasty i love it. i wish i could marry him because i would totaly leave my husband for this.

  • Your relationship with your boss -- if you begin one -- could become EXTREMELY good for you, not only work-wise, but financially as well. It will give you ALL the power in the relationship, in the work-place and in his life. You'll be in control and you'll be getting all the s** you want, whenever you want it, and on your terms. Go for it!

  • if what your doing is being a w**** then i guess im a w**** too bcuz im hooking it up with my boss too and my husband is clueless! i love it!!!!

  • You really must let him know your feelings. He can't keep going on believing that you are for his brother. Let him know you are for him.

  • Just a word of encouragement. People -- here and elsewhere -- are going to tell you that what you have been doing and what you are about to do is wrong, or sinful, or immoral, or whatever. Don't listen to them. They are all shallow, unthinking moralizers attempting to impose their standards on you. You are free to do as you wish. And you, in particular, are one of those extremely rare women who simply have to have more than one man in her life. It's not a desire, it's a need, like oxygen, water, and food. And since you need more than one man, it means you can handle more than one man, and you should HAVE more than one man. Ignore all those morons who will surely stop by here to criticize and impugn and call names. Go get that man. You know he wants you, and especially if he knows you've been "entertaining" his brother: he won't be able to resist you. So stop writing and start f******. Go get that man. GO GET THAT MAN!!

  • Anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows that
    what you are "suggesting" in morally wrong, or, a "sin" (as
    the Bible describes it). If a person continues in their sin,
    they will end up in H***. H*** is a real place (not a state of mind,etc etc) and in the end, H*** is cast into the liquid lake of fire). This is an eternal state. Now: your conscience is telling you that sin is wrong. The demon who wrote advising you to sin only wants to see you die in your sin, and be lost eternally in unspeakable pain and torment.
    You decide. Who is the real "moron"?

  • You are the one to decide what's best for you and how best to achieve that. Live your life and enjoy it......on your terms.

  • If you truly have to have him, then you should go get him!!!

  • Hey, if you can get away with it, then have as much fun as s** as you want

  • i completely agree with this

  • AMEN!!

  • You aren't a w****, so stop thinking of yourself that way. You simply want what you want, which is something new and fresh and exciting............and something a little risky and edgy. If your boss wants you, too, and if both of you can keep it discreet (and clean), and can assure one another that it won't interfere with work, then you should totally go for it, and the sooner the better. There's nothing sexier or hotter than workplace relationships, except of course for yours......because you will have already had this man's brother! JEALOUS!!!!

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