Husbands friend

My husbands friend keeps hitting on my and now asks for pictures videos and peep shows. He knows my hubs and I love bringing in more people but only together never separately. If my husband knew if friend was doin this idk what would happen but this friend makes me feel hot wanted and so nervous. I want to f*** him just to do it. But he's married too and his wife isn't into swapping. So we would just straight up be cheating. I love my hubs but he doesn't make my feel sexy or wanted or excited. Dam men. Maybe I'll ask the hubby what he would do if I f***** a friend of his/ours.

May 4, 2013

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  • Let him watch, I like watching my wife get f*****, then I f*** her while his c** is running out of her p****.

  • Tell your hubby that you want to f*** his friend. He may go for it especially if he is already sharing you with others. My wife and I started out with me sharing her with a friend and I now share her with most of my friends and others and she is enjoying every minute of it.

  • Tell your hubby that you would like to f*** his friend and see what he says. If he is sharing you now he will probably go along with it. My wife and I started out with me sharing her with my friend andnow I share her with many of my friends and others.

  • Ask your hubby !!
    If you get the green light, no one gets hurt and you can enjoy a guilt-free fandango:)
    You might offer him a guilt-free fandango of his own to seal the deal.
    Honesty will keep the relationship comfortable for you both, and this might open up a whole new exciting openness to your marriage without any guilt.
    Go forth and plunder ;)

  • Ignore this person. ask. you may get permission. tell him that you will tell him everything that happens if he lets you.

  • Just do it. Don't ask. The guy makes you hot, and the nervousness is the excitement of cheating. Cheating is THRILLING, and you should get the most out of it. Make the other guy promise to never say anything. Don't ask your husband. Just do it. Just f****** do it.

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