Wearing panties is a medical solution to me as well. i only wear panties now adays. i see nothing wrong with it. i really like the wild prints and colors. my wife even goes shopping with me. try the leggings and leotards in winter they help keep legs warmer and dont itch like wool thermals. i also wear the short shorts and t shirts as well. i enjoy the socks, underwear and outerwear and pantie hose at times. i have a allergy to my own body hair and i have to keep thing shaved off just like the weman do. theirs nothing like silk on freshly shaven body parts. been doing this as long as i can remember. again i see nothing wrong with any of this. and yes i straight, married with lots of children. enjoy guys it ok to feel good down their too.

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  • Markle will make sure of that bc she will close the doors on commoners and royals will only be a place like victorias era and no driftwood pirate law breaker will be there in the next 100 years. The royals will be only marrying other royals full blood titled, markle will want her kids marrying royal princess in europe and the only exception will be arab, chinese and indian or burnei type not polies, and so will kate and william. I tell you this now. They probably have a child bride or 10 for the royal kids already within super rich elite families and royals and I wish people would see this and stop trying to suck up to royals thinking their kids will marry into them bc you won't. I will even say that I doubt markle will last and I doubt kate will last. I think those guys have eyes on richer families and its a common thing for them to move women out to bring in others when they are out of date and sick of it. There is not much further for will and kate to go now and less for the other two.

  • I do the panties leggings and tights things too sure beats being normal

  • More power to you sir. Whatever feels good. Personally I love the feeling of stockings on my legs. I love to put my wife's old stockings on and rub my legs together, just for the sensation. I did once let her dress me up as a woman, but it did nothing for me.

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