I suffer from an undiagnosed eating disorder but my mom thinks I should be a nutritionist because I am "so healthy". She herself is very health conscious and it makes me mad that she could be so oblivious to what I am going trough. My dad is the opposite and struggles with mild food addiction and is overweight. His eating disorder is probably proportionate to mine but on opposite ends of the scale. It's hard for me to eat around my dad. I get literally so angry and anxious and shaky when I eat around him and feel like I could snap at any moment. It's disgusting. He ate a whole thing of rice when we went out to eat earlier. I had some soup. My mom always takes offense at my comments towards how much he eats. "Let him eat," she says. F****** b****. Never says a thing when my dad patronizes me about the way I measure and the order I eat in. Let ME eat without questioning me "You sure you wanna eat that...?" when I struggle with a binge. F******...dumb... "If I didn't see how much you eat all the time (no more than 600 calories a day to be precise, mama!) I would worry that you may have an eating disorder! You still don't have your period? You must have a tilted uterus like your aunt." F***. f***. f***. I have never felt so ignored and neglected in my life. Notice me, already! Actually, she recently noted that I look fatter now and I used to be super super skinny. If you know what it's like living with anorexia you know how much this would trigger someone into stricter restrictions. I weigh two pounds more than I did at my thinnest and I am still 10 pounds underweight. I guess I am a little fatter, though.

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  • I watched 2 girls (a stepsister and a girlfriend) actually die from anorexia (both ballet dancers) RUN to the nutritionist, you don't get better from anorexia, yo die from it. Stop going into tumbler stop trying to beat it quietly. If you want attention become obsessed about art or science or languages but seek help. Anorexia is not a mild predicament, it is a life stoping curse. If you are already missing your period it means that your body can't come up with enough blood to actually have it, it leads to heart attacks and strokes. Start eating stop obsessing about what you look like. Go help some people in need like the homeless become involved in something greater than yourself and beat that s***.

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