Wife's feet

My wife has the most amazing feet and she loves me to rub and massage them. I can do this for hours but what I really want is my c*** in between feet! There is no chance of this actually happening as she is not into that sort of thing in fact our s** life is virtually non existent!
One night after we had been on a night out she was totally drunk and went upto bed as I had a cigarette before I went upstairs. When I got up she was lying on the bed half undressed with a pair of hot pants on and the sight of her feet made me so h****. I knew then she was out like a light so I went down and got my mobile phone and returned upstairs got undressed and slipped into bed.
She was lying facing me with her feet at my side of the bed right beside my erect c***! I put my mobile on video mode and then slid my c*** up and down her feet. I knew this was my big chance so I squeezed my c*** between her big toe and started to f*** her feet! It was absolutely amazing and f***** them harder until I came all over her feet while she was totally unaware I had just had the best f*** of my life.
I quickly checked that I had caught it all on video and couldn't believe the quality of it.
I often watch it and w*** and I c** in no time. Although I have never f***** her feet again I have came over her feet while she has been drunk and asleep!!
I would love to f*** other woman's feet and suck and massage there toes but I don't know how to go about finding them!!
Is there any woman out there who would love this done to there feet???

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  • I use my wife's feet all the time. She has size 6 feet with real high arches and during the night she puts her feet against me and I use them to j*******. She just lets me have them when I want them

  • I LOVE female feet. My wife lets me lick, suck, and worship her beautiful size 4s. She paints her pretty toes for me, too. The other day, she let me take pictures of her bare feet with fresh pedi. I love when I go to start playing with her feet and she'll ask if they're stinky. Basically, asking me to smell her toes. I spent many years feeling ashamed of my l*** until I found out my best friend loves feet too. Haters can f*** off, women are angellic to me. Lots of worse things to be than a foot lover. Soon as I get home from shift, I plan on running my tongue between those sexy toes.

  • My wife allows me to lick and suck on her toes while we make love and she will occasionally let me f*** her feet. She has beautiful feet and I really enjoy them

  • I secretly admire my wife's feet she knows I have a foot fetish but she teases me and It drives me mad but on the 9ld occasion while I'm f****** her if I make her C** hard with her legs in the air sometimes she curls her toes inwards and I get to smell and put her toes in my mouth and the feeling I get when it rushes to my c*** is amazing

  • My wife puts her legs on my shoulders when we make love and lets me lick her the soles of her feet. It is so hot to c** with my mouth on her feet!

  • I wish my wife let me lick her feet your a lucky guy

  • I have a mean foot fetish where i think about a sight of ladies feet several times a day i tried to block it out of my head but i am having difficulty doing so i love when females dangle their shoes by letting their feet hang off their shoes i like when ladies engage in shoeplaying where they keep their shoes on their feet i want to put my foot fetish addiction behind summer is around the corner where is the toughest times when it comes to my feet fetishism because i see ladies walk in flats, slippers, flip flops, sandals, and mules i love see ladies toe nails painted in red when females walk barefoot in do not know what to do with myself when females cross their legs while barefoot i want to explode when females talk about their feet and shoes i want to join in the conversation with them i have a lot of ideas when it comes to ladies feet however i know it is time to take a break from my foot fetish addiction before it is too late

  • I feel you man. From one foot fetish man to another. I have a feet fetish myself. However, I do not know about putting my private part between ladies feet,I wouldn't go that far. It is your life, which you have a right to do whatever you see fit. I glad you were able to live out your fantasy of making love with your wife feet, which must have been a very happy experience for you. However, did you tell your wife of you sucking her toes? If not, do you plan on doing so in the future? Best wishes with your foot fetish.

  • I wanna see

  • Man you are one twisted f***** and in need of professional help

  • F*** u ass wipe!!

  • Lol

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