No nads

When I was 5 I had an accident and had both of my testicles removed. I have no b****. I am now in my 20's. Because I have no nads I have to take hormones. Hormones which made me go thru puberty but barely. My p**** never grew. I feel like I am not a man. I'm a eunuch. An it. A freak. I barely have facial hair. I feel like just joining a freak show because maybe there I'd fit in. I was always the shortest kid in the class. I was always made fun of because of how I look. This sucks.

May 9, 2013

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  • Did you ever read Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises." The protagonist had a war injury that made him impotent in some way. That doesn't sound like your position, but he handles it nobly--mostly. (Hey, nobody gets it all right all the time.) Anyway. Even those of us who don't have your physical problesms still have others that limit our abilty to make women--and ourselves--happy. I guess I'm trying to say that you should try to accept your limitatations while maximizing your strenthgs--it won't be a perfect solition---h***, it'll even fail to plese sometimes--but I THINK it will maximize your happiness....I think. *uncertain smile*

  • Wow.. im very lil myself.. some say if i shaved and sent a pic it would be kitty p***..LOL i have never been laughed at and i make up for it with oral..

    dont be embarrassed.. id am straight but would love to see a pic.. my wife would blow ya..

  • How old r u? Give me an email and I'll send a pic.

  • I feel the same. I'm developed but due to nerve damage my p**** doesn't work at all. Its useless.

  • Whoa! Ok, this is heavy. I am not in your place, I can't even imagine being there. Dude I don't know you, but I'd give you a hug and just encourage you to be who you are. There are men fully equipped that wouldn't know the first thing about being a man. Your testicles or your p**** are not who you are, they are body parts. Your mind and heart are what will prevail throughout life. Are there women out there that could accept everything you are, bet your ass there are.

  • I'm the original poster and your comment is one of the nicest things I ever heard. You are very kind. Thank you. I hope you're right that there's women out there that will accept me.

  • It's not a p**** that makes a man desirable to women. We're not introduced to their dingalings when we first meet them. Their bits don't cook us dinner and make us feel special. It is the man, how they treat us and their personality.

    The biggest thing you can have going for you, is self-confidence, manners and being a nice guy all round. It should hopefully save you some heartache by keeping away any horrid women, but the wonderful world of technology (and your mouth/fingers) make pleasure just around the corner.

    So be confident and love yourself!

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are who you are. One day you will find someone who accepts you as you are. And if you are tired of waiting to find true love, there is no shame in paying a prostitute.

  • Don't feel bad! It's not the end of the world. You seem really lovely and if your really worried about it maybe seek some more help from your doctor or something?
    I hope I helped

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