I despise my husband

I despise my husband. He has cheated me our whole lives. I have always felt that he did this but he always would say that I was crazy and it was all in my head. He has slept with my oldest sister, my mothers cousin, strippers,a so called friend of mine, women in our town. Recently I found that he has been meeting women on craigslist and s******* them. I have moved out and no longer live with him. I am more happy but would be thrilled if he would just die and I would never have to see his sickening face again. He has long saggy b****,and gray hair surrounds his mediocre d***.
He thinks he is funny and decribes himself as having the gift of "gab". I hate that I have wasted my life with this loser a****** j***!!!! I would not kill him but I pray he suffers.


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  • There will be someone who wouldnt even dream of cheating on you and you never no might not even have long saggy b****! haha loved that comment chin up hunny he aint worth ur thoughts xxx

  • Have met a few women myself from craigslist. For the most part they were far from the cream of crop. If all he is lookig for is P**sy, and not too picky, they do just fine.

  • I keep reading your wonderful comments and they give me peace. Thank you all so much. I have loved him since we were in high school and to now loathe him as I do is a very damning thing but i am letting go and it feels so good. i feel free....FREEDOM!!!!!

  • For as long as you hate him, for as long as you wish him ill, and for as long as you dwell on his faults and failures, he will continue to control and ruin your life. You need to put him out of your thoughts, treat him as though he'd moved away...........to another planet. Or as though he'd never been born. Easier said than done? Of course. But that's why you're going to go see a professional, who will help you find a way to control your thoughts about this "loser a****** j***" you married, and start putting yourself first. You have already taken a very difficult step by leaving, and that's a step that most women can't take: you're ahead of the game. But now you need to formally end the relationship, by divorce. And at the same time, get some assistance in framing your thoughts of him, and of the marriage, and of you. He's not worth the price you'll pay for continuing to allow him to dominate your life as he has been and is. End it. Start looking for a road back to yourself, and to happiness. It's not too late. It's NEVER too late.

  • Get rid of him! There's nothing to save, he'll just keep treating you this way. Find someone else, or be by yourself, either way, kick him to the curb

  • Walk. Renew your life. You are not dead yet. You have hope.

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