Shame and Disgust

When I was around 13 or 14 I use to look at and m********* to my elementary/primary school photos of when I was around 8 to 12 years old. What I would do is I would look at the pictures of the fat girls in my class and pretend they ate me and I was inside their stomachs. I pretended they would rub their bellies with me inside their belly, as I kicked and struggled within. These memories have caused me to feel horribly ashamed and embarrassed.

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  • That's nothing there's plenty of people who get off on stuff like that. I j*** off to thoughts of having my b**** chopped off, being sat on by fat women, being s*** on, tied up blindfolded gagged and enslaved, just to name a few. I feel no shame or disgust cuz it aint hurtin anyone.

  • There's nothing wrong with you. You shouldn't feel ashamed or disgusted. Fantasy is totally separate from reality. You're not hurting anyone. You're not even fantasize about hurting anyone. If I told you some of the things I fantasized about you would think I was totally out there.

  • Your fetish is common enough to have a name, it's called vore. Don't beat yourself up, it's not like you actually hurt anyone.

  • Go look up giantess

  • Seek're nuts

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