Pantyhose fetish

When i was ca 8 years old i was at my grandma and their naibor had two very pretty but older,ca 14 yo daughters. they were always wearing dresses with what then was not so commen sheer pantyhose. one day they had clean up day and thrown a lot of things out and there was a bag full of pantyhose. i took them and dont know why but i put one on and was hooked from that day on. my mom catched me and took them away from me. however, i just fished them back out the trash and added several thicker ones from my sister. several times i got caught wearing some and my mom made me take them off and threw them away. some years later when i was ca 14 she cleaned my room and found my stash and after a short confrontation and a lecture they went in the trash. she noticed that like usual that they dissapeared and a weak later she found them again in my hiding place. she was mad and took them to the bathroom and burned them in the furnice. i had to tell her where they came from and i had to promise not to wear any more pantyhose. however i had to wear them and so she whenever she got a runner she rolled them into a newspaper unless the oven was on and they got burned. by then my sister had a few pairs but hated wearing them and she were told to burn hers as well or cut them up. she thought it was funny, teased me a few times and actuly left one in my room. when i got maried it continued and my then wife wore them to work daily. i used to get off watching her put them on, or even more when she got home and getting undressed and usualy they went atraight in the trash. i timed it so i be in the shower and see her toss them. i now 45 still enjoy wearing pantyhose and get off watching women in them. sadly not too many women wear them anymore. i even went to hootrs and noticed that at shift change they all changed in the restroom and after a while i went in the ladies room and actuly found a couple pairs, i did this a couple of times but then they went to the footless kinds that dont intresst me as much plus i got caught and almost got in trouble. said all this, i have a problem getting off unless i wear pantyhose. what does everybody think?

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  • I’m 62 and love wearing pantyhose. I love the way they feel. I love pantyhose with the ass open. My girlfriend didn’t mind and she said I look good in them.

  • Your experience is not uncommon at all and you are having harmless satisfaction. We grew up when a woman wouldn't be caught dead without her pantyhose. Now it is just gross seeing beautiful outfits ruined by bare legs. Pantyhose smooths and covers minor imperfections and delivers a chic, sophisticated, classy look. In a way you are recreating memories without hurting others. I have often had s** with escorts who were more than happy to wear them for me and knew the power of pantyhose to attract and please men. I once met a lady in black pantyhose and we spent a hot pantyhose night together. Before leaving the next morning she wanted coffee and pancakes so we went to a cafe. She wore the same pantyhose (with my now stiff c** stains on them), smudged make-up and messed-up hair. People kept looking and her legs. I got a positive vibe as we left when one guy in a booth gave me a big smile and flashed the OK sign! Thanks for writing brother, because I understand you. You are OK.

  • Hope your d i c k rots away, bet you lick the s h i t stains out them cure for your sickness except for bullet in you head

  • Your a D***

  • I think you are one sick demented m*********** and you need your baby d*** cut off with a rusty paring knife

  • I have been wearing ladies tights all my life am 50 now have just put in on a blue pair of tights from Nigel Coates Taylor

  • I love wearing pantyhose an womens clothing all day.

  • I would love to have s** with a cross dresser.

  • I love pantyhose - tights over here in the UK - and have worn them in secret for years from the age of 6. I remember my big brother catching me in them one afternoon in our bedroom, luckly he didn't say anything to our parents. Now 40+ years later my wife is understanding and will let me wear them in bed, sometimes she wears them in bed too and we f*** through ripped holes, its so sensual to feel my nylon clad legs rubbing on hers.

  • Go the strange. I guess I feel alone with my fetishes that I seem to have had all my life. One was wearing panty hose. Im male and of course its not really socially acceptable and as a kid I knew that.

    Luckily my mom was pretty laid back and while I was embarrassed she did not snoop or comment. I assume she knew as mothers seem to know everything.

    I used to often wear pantyhose under long pants. I think the first time I wore them was in a school play. I was a mouse in the pied piper and my costume was brown tights and a brown tee shirt. I think this introduced me to them. I really enjoyed the feel of them and of course as it was a costume it was acceptable to wear them. I recall dressing up in my costume to show my mom and dad. After the play I just had the costume at home and I would wear the tights under jeans. Over the years I would pinch my mums tights and wear them.

    I still enjoy it today.

  • Remember mum catching me in her coffee coloured pantihose or tights as we call them in the UK loved the silky feel on my legs and feet I was about 14 at the time

  • Wait.... you have a furnace in your bathroom?

  • Back where i grew up we had central heat and the furnace was in the bathroom as well as the water heater that had to be heated with coal as well. i remember that just about everything that burns went in there unless in the summer, only then my mom would when she discovered a runner in her pantyhose, she took them off, usualy walked threw the house with them feet dangeling and look for a old newspaper, then rolled them together ,lit the paper and in the furnice they went. yess in the late 70's, that was very comen where i gew up.

  • My mistress wears black stockings and high heels for me then let's me j*** off onto them. Wonderful.

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