My cousin just recently married his wife she's a rn Latina curvy nice body etc. when she attends family parties she never shakes hands because word out there is her hands sweat. Ever since I first was introduced to her I noticed sued act a little weird around me as in tend to look my way a lot of smile at me cautiously and give me a certain look knowing Her bf is my cousin them having a child together and two others from her past relationship. Me and my cousins hang out a lot around same age group 22-27. I don't really plan on telling my cousin the way she acts around me but I feel like I'm betraying my cousin guilt when his now wife turns to look at me and smiles at me what should I do besides avoid the situation and avoid my cousin completely which people say I do but I don't want to move away from family

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  • Don't interfere with your cousin's marriage. His wife married him, not you. So butt out.

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