Baby With Non Black Female

I am a well educated black guy in my late 40s.I desire a baby,with a single or married non black woman, so badly but cant seem to get lucky.



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  • Great idea everybody.create a new human life so you can experience a few moments of cross-race edginess,like that means wonder there are too many of us on this planet and most of us are morons!

  • Well I'm a married white woman and I'm not interested at all. I sure hope when a white man sees his wife give birth to a black baby that he has the self-respect to leave the s*** right there. Have fun with that s***

  • very nasty. i love it very much.

  • Black d*** is the best d***. In fact, it is the ONLY "real" d***. Getting knocked up by one only makes it all sweeter.

  • by the time she becomes sexual every white girl has already started dreaming and fantasizing about being taken by a powerful hung black man who knows what hes doing with a girl's body. impregnation by him is the totally delicious icing on an incredibly wonderful cake. its what we all want as white women no matter what age. its our highest destiny.

  • HOT S***! DAMN!!

  • Sexy as h***. Seriously.

  • love it!!!!

  • this is a incredibley sexy plan. i ama married white mother and haveing a baby with a black man who isnot my husband and keeping it a total secret till the baby got born would be the sexiest thing imagineable. christ that is so f****** hot and it makes me so f****** wet! hope you find your girl!!

  • Find one with low self-esteem.

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