Cheating wife

Hi im a married white woman, who has been meeting a single black guy. other than kissing and hugging nothing sexually has happened.. he wants us to sleep together, i find myself weakening i want him too. i love my husband but want this black man so bad. im split 2 ways & confused.



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  • Invite him over so he and your husband would meet.

  • Your body and his body is telling you what to do. A lot of men would love for you to follow your desires-it may even make him wise up and perform better. If not, part ways in peace and stay with the man who can satisfy your deepest cravings!

  • Desires of the flesh, IT's a Sin to commit adultery, to many reasons you are risking your soul. Do you really want to break your husbands heart? he will know and find out, even if you hide it he will sense it, you will be able to tell as he changes towards you over time. Is this worth the risk to love, we should look at eternal life.

  • Ridiculous. I've had black women say the exact opposite to funny!

  • This cannot end well.

  • Your right, I know I need to stop and I will...I do love and thank my husband for all he has been … but why don't a white think that his wife wants and needs s** like him….we are not china dolls.

  • For as far as you have gone he should know, he can decide if he wants to stay with you or not. You are a risk and the truth should set him free if he needs. Sad you think this Is normal and ok. The injured party here is your husband for you even to think of straying, he needs to know because no matter how you try to hide it your heart will tell the truth of who you are right or wrong.

  • Gorilla lover!

  • Charlotte Ruble I find you to be very ungrateful, despicable, and trashy. I never thought that you would lower yourself to ever being with a black man. Not only that but you have been married to a wonderful Christian man who has lived you more than his own life. He has bent over backwards to provide for you and your son. Did you even stop to think about what your son would think and feel.

    Kissing and hugging is cheating Charlotte and you should be ashamed of yourself for even doing so. Is give anything if your daddy was still alive knowing that his little girl is dating a n*****. He would kill both of you. I'm letting your husband know I read this and that you have confided in me that the missing and hugging went much further. He deserves so much better than you. Your and ungrateful b****.

    I'm also taking this to your mom and sister. You deserve everything you get for being a n***** loving w****. And also how dare all you n***** loving whites on here for talking my best friend to have s** with this man.

    Don't ever speak to me again Charlotte.

  • This must be a joke...right? (if not, i am seeing a chubby & pale, benign as yellow paint person - a generally unnoticed person reach out to cause some chaos for attention)

  • You should have been with him already, I give myself to any black men that want me,and I let them all c** inside my p****. My husband has accepted that I am a black c*** w**** and that I only want to have black mens babys. I have given birth to 9 black babys and I will never stop. Greg loves my big used sloppy p**** and he eats me out every night and cleans all the c** off my p****.

  • Yum yum he is a lucky man getting to eat that sperm 😍

  • I don't even know you but I am in love with you. if you ever leave your husband please marry me

  • F*** off

  • Confused hu? Three words for ya. Forsaken all others. Kissing and hugging another man, but you love your husband. Yeah right. How dare you. Thanks for making all married white women look bad. For the color of man you want FU!

  • Well now I guess I just found that smoking gun didn't I Charlotte deary. You'll be getting those divorce papers now... No need to be weak any longer you are free at , last. Turning this over to lawyer and authorities. Dating inmates is a crime in the work place.

  • You are just upset that he is going to bust that coochie open in a way you never could.

  • Well now I guess I just found that smoking get about you and Smiley didn't I Charlotte deary. You'll be getting those divorce papers now. I'm happy for you. No need to be weak a any longer now you can have him. I'm moving on

  • I've cheated many times on my husband and don't regret any of it. At first, I was scared but grown more into it. My husband is clueless. His c*** is worthless for the most part. I have my needs and go elsewhere to get them fulfilled. I prefer black men because they know how to make me organism. My husband to me is used as a safety net financially, it certainly isn't for my sexual needs. I attend many parties with black men, sometimes we get really drunk or smoke weed or etc. I know some of them have made videos and movies of me but I try to hide my face but sometimes I don't care except to organism. I've cheated so much now it is almost an addiction to big black c****. I'm always on the lookout when I'm around town or shopping, I stare at their crotches first to try to see how big they are. Sometimes I go to the inner city to pick up some weed or whatever, and we party there, I just get really h**** when high or drunk. Big black c**** seem to always make me come. I can say now probably out of my best 100 friends, 90 or 95 are black men. My husband truly is clueless! When he is gone or working, I am finally enjoying myself! Sometimes I want to say f*** you to him but he is a good as a back up financially. I would encourage all women if your husband is not satisfying you sexually go elsewhere, and I prefer bigger black c****. D!

  • This thing that is cheating on her husband is lost. Lets see. 1. cheats on husband 2. smokes weed 3. f**** black men What a sick b****.

  • Yes and you will have to answer to God one day unless you repent.

  • Go for it your husband will really like it you'll be so hot when you get home you'll show him how to f***

  • F*** the black guy, your going to love it and then you will be f****** him from then on!

  • Leave your husband becayse clearly he isnt enough

  • Nasty n***** loving b****! I hope your husband beats the s*** out of you!

  • God you really are so nasty. You are just disgusting filth, that's what you are, that's all you are. Filth. You are shaming your husband, your children, and your parents. Your entire family. Shame on you. Shame.

  • You are filthier,twice as disgusting and probably have never had s** except with a rat for years. Whats wrong with a white woman, married or not,having s** with a fine black man of her choice?

  • What's wrong? Did you read that post? The guy below me is on mark.

  • She is going to destroy her marriage. Knowingly and willingly, she is just going to explode it because she is in love with a black. That's disgusting and it's filthy. And it makes me sick.

  • What does your ethnicity have to do with anything? What does the ethnicity of the person you're cheating with, have to do with anything? I call bullshit!
    You're trying to seek attention and encourage controversial comments regarding, you deem is still taboo topics!! Such as; Interracial relations.
    It is,the 21st Century dumb ass! Interracial relationships happens and has happened for centuries!
    If this confession is genuine, you should be more concerned about, the fact you're already cheating on your husband and contemplating cheating further, by having sexual relations with this man.Not, focus on the race of yourself and the person you're cheating with!
    If you want to be that way, I'm black, curvy, have a big booty, juicy lips and my man is white, has blue eyes and a creamy c***! Controversial enough for you! Dumb ass!

  • I think, to me, him being black added to the s**. The color contrast, and he did have big hands and he didn't forget to love my t***, caress my body, and lots of foreplay, kissing, licking, nibbling ...he prepped me and my p**** to the point that … yes, I was asking and begging him to f*** me.

  • You wouldn't have started seeing him if you were not intending to f*** hi.
    Stop lying to yourself and just do it.

  • Yeah. Just do it. End yourself.

  • Your about to be split

  • Funny

  • I'm a white man but i think all white married women should be black bred!

  • No. No. No. Your an a****** who thinks all white women should be black bred. Besides she does that, she's just breeding down.

  • Your a sissy chuck boy

  • Cuck

  • Do you like the taste of sperm too?

  • I had a girlfriend who loved to do it with black men

  • Women f*** better after they get black d***

  • So.. let me get this straight.. If you get married.. you obviously love them enough to spend the rest of your life with them? but you want to cheat? go and cheat, lol but get a divorce first you s*** hahaha i bet you only got married so you could stay at home all day and not have to work and mooch of someone who actually cares for you.
    Cheating is not caring.. it's called cheating..not caring.
    See the difference?
    And the comment below me just summed it all up, if you live in a hotter climate then you're gonna have a bigger d***.
    Eg; Italy, South America, Africa and Australia.

  • As a white man i do not think it would be cheating if its with a black man, black men should have the use of all white women if she married or not!

  • I agree, the white woman's body was made to satisfy black men.

  • Then your not a man. Maybe the black men should make use of you. J******.

  • Cuckold

  • Do us all a favor and kill yourself you worthless cuck

  • You're all a bunch of slutty housewives who never deserved families in the first place, please avoid men's hearts and bathe in your disease.. give yourself to a brothel, jesus christ. Don't cheat you stupid f****, it eliminates the purpose of marriage.
    Why justify cheating? saying it's your fantasy and people should be accepting because "You want this" or.. you're tired of being oppressed by men! the very same men who drive you to cheat because you're insatiable. Nobody should respect that at all, if you want to cheat you're still a cheating w****. Kill yourselves. or maybe.. you just want something new? Well, here's news for you stupid women. Penises come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn't matter what you look like because it's all down to location, people who live in typically hotter climates will have bigger penises, just because your black doesn't imply anything.. uneducated idiots..

  • Its not crazy to just have a fling in my opinion. Maybe get your husband to admit that he would enjoy the detailed description you could provide once the deed is done. Know that a devoted husband wont fully agree bit needs to understand its your fantasy and if the shoe was on the other foot, you would be ok with it but only once. He might see your point.. good luck getting your fantasy on!

  • Have them both....your entitled. ENJOY!

  • No one is entitled to cheat

  • That's how I met your mother.

  • Lack of self respect- might as well f*** animals.

  • When I see comments like yours, it's usually because ur jealous

  • Jealous ass white man. Don't be mad our black d**** far outweigh yours. Loser. Lmao

  • You have a d-i-c-k? You'd better spit it out cuz it ain't yours.

  • True fact. The largest d**** on record are whte.

  • thats what she is actualy doing......

  • random w****

  • does the black guy know your married? does he care?

  • Black men have the right to be with any white women or white man if they want him or not!!

  • All sexy white women should spread their legs for black men

  • Apes don't have rights.

  • No they do not

  • i promise you this. if you arent already in love with his man, as soon as he enters your body, you will be in love. and this will be the first time in your life that you will be experiencing real true love. nobody can love you or your body like a black man. trust that.

  • True love because he's a black man? Get the F outta here. Nobody can love you or your body like a black man? Trust that. Yeah if you want to breed down then I trust you're right.

  • A couple of things worth noting for your future reference. This is based on my own experience, but I've talked to enough other white wives to believe it's pretty much the norm. First, almost from the beginning of your new relationship, you're going to find it difficult to still be completely aroused and even nearly satisfied by your white husband. It's partly c***-size, for sure, but part of it is also just the way a black man f**** you, and the stamina they have: they f*** better and longer and harder than any white man. Also, it's going to be more difficult for your husband to be satisfied, because you're going to be getting stretched out inside, so he's not still going to be touching all the places in your body that he used to touch with his d***, because they're going to have been pushed farther out than before. Be prepared. And second, get ready to start experiencing an occasional stomach ache after you've been with your black lover, especially if he's over nine inches and especially if you take him anally. A black man f**** so deep and so hard that it's going to feel like he's f****** your guts to jelly.....because he is: those long and thick black monsters they stick in you are going to be pounding against your insides and it's going to make you kind of sore. That will mostly fade over time, as your body adjusts to the f****** he gives you, and it's not serious pain anyway, it's just something you're not used to because you've been getting only your husband's pitiful (by comparison) white c***. A final thought: if you know your new man is going to be doing your ass on a particular date, you might want to either do a cleansing or give yourself an enema before you go, otherwise you stand the risk of getting the s*** f***** out of you.......literally. Other than all that, I hope you have this relationship, and I hope you totally enjoy it.

  • White cheating wife, 65, agree with you sweetie. My lover actually spanked me, really, when I didn't respond, then f***** me senseless. The s** was nothing short of awesome and I oragasmed multi times. They do seem to have great stamina, but seem to always be in better shape....too many white men have big bellies.

  • What kind of s*** is this? Why not simply divorce if you feel that way? Your husband deserves better than a cheater.

  • Guy above me. You're right. You forgot "deserves better than a cheating s***" . That's what it should read. Otherwise well said.

  • Blackys dreaming agine, they dont like black women becuse there black.. and thats the truth . everybody wants a white women but only a small fraction of white girls do it with you blackys. so most all of you will never have a joy to be with a hot looking blond women, becuse they dont like you. thats the truth. YOU blackys need to work on getting real work not working at some cheap ass temp job making $7.25 hr . but thats right you dont like to working , you like to take your money from your women. you guys are just day dreaming. get out of your momas house.

  • You're insane. Blonde women in particular love black men. It's nature. And there's NOTHING you can do to stop it. There are more black men with blonde women all the time. Look around yourself and see what's happening. White men are being left behind in every way.

  • Talk about dumb blondes. White men getting left behind in every way. How so? I think you got that backwards.

  • dont be confused. theres nothing to be confused about. black c*** will make your life better. i know what im talking about because ive had it in me and I love it and cant ever stop getting more.

  • Sorry to hear that.

  • Those big black d**** will rock your world.

  • Glad I'm not on your world.

  • My wife f*** one 5 years ago and won't it again

  • Was she already your wife at the time or not? Glad to hear she won't but why.

  • Nothing feels better than a full p****. And there's nothing that can fill your p**** like black c***. Stop wasting time and give this man what he wants. You won't regret it. Not EVER.

  • Won't regret it. You kidding. It's called cheating. Well maybe your right I mean the b**** is already lost anyway.

  • Until you've been f***** by one of those black animals, you haven't really been f*****. You need to go get yourself f*****.

  • Well, you got the animal part right. Not in a nice way either.

  • Once you go black ... you can't come back

    Notice a lot of black women with white men and lots of kids...seems like they understand what real men do...take care of there women, kids and be true fathers. Make money and plan. No sense having a big d*** in the ghetto.

  • Lol so all black men live in the ghetto? This is a classic response from white men.. They always say food stamps and welfare, not good fathers, all that garbage so they can scare the white women into not liking us! Lol it won't work! Granted there are a small amount of black men that don't take care of their responsibilities as fathers.. But maybe you should research it.. Most black fathers may not live with their children ( me included) but we are in our children's lives! Funny how black men are so irresponsible.. But white women still go after us!

  • If my (white) husband could f*** even half as good as my (black) lover, I would never have to cheat. But he doesn't, so I'm forced to cheat. It's my (white) husband's fault that I spend so much of my time f****** my (black) lover. I say........GO FOR IT, GIRL!!! And don't look back.

  • Just like a w****. Blame it on the husband. Yeah I'm sure your husband ordered you to spread your legs for your black lover. I got that right,right?

  • I would love to f--- your ass with a large knife you filthy b****.

  • Aww typical white mans response!

  • No. A typical white mans response would be about hanging your dumb ass.

  • Yeah ! they wont do it by themselves , gutless, they need several guys to help them out to beat 1 black guy, otherwise they get their ass kicked.

  • You are such a dumb ass, teach your husband how you want to be f*****. you are nothing more than a w****. Explain the herpes you are going to wind up with.

  • I knew it wouldn't take long before the "diseased" comment would show up! Lol classic white man response! Let me guess he's on welfare too.. Just got outta jail?! Lol funny how white men try and label all black men as scum.. Yet, white girls still chase that d***! Lmao

  • I already showed you a typical whites response is 2 com above you.

  • ^i agree with her^. i used to think that the thing about c*** size was just a stupid myth so i never had tried black but i f***** a whole lot of white guys with big d**** and even married one. i got tired of him and found another one with an even bigger d*** and i divorced the first one and married the second one. then i hooked up with a couple black guys at a bar one night with some girlfriends and those nasty black m************ schooled me. g*******!!! the c**** are huge and no white guy can match up but its the way they f*** you that makes an even bigger difference. its just so rude and crude the way they f*** a white woman (expecially if shes married). i cant ever get enough and i dont actually want to get enough. i just f****** want MORE!!!!! you definitely gotta try your guy out. and dont go getting divorced or anything first and definately dont tell your husband just go have fun!!!!!

  • We white men just need a woman with a smaller v*****

  • Thank God! Most of the white woman I have met would never touch a black male... I am racist. I am glad that most white women look at them like dirt.

  • Right!

  • Lol my gf who is Serbian, told me she would just agree with her white husband when he made racist comments about black men.. But deep down inside she really wanted to be with a black man! So u keep thinking the white women you know think of us as dirt! Lmao they just don't wanna hurt your feelings! But behind closed doors! They are thinkn totally different! Lmao don't fool yourself! Think about that one, next time your white females say negative things about black men! Lol

  • Then you don't know anything about Serbian women at all pal. Think again my friend. Off the mark by a mile.

  • your either uninformed or just f****** nuts. the vast majority of white women would jump on a big black d*** in a f****** heartbeat.......and all of them would do that if they could be assured of not ever being discovered. white women have something in their genetic makeup and in their native desires that draws them to black men. everybody knows that. its just that polite white folks dont want to admit it or let people find out about it. if nature werent impeded by social convention (1) every white woman alive would be f****** multiple black men (2) every baby born to a white woman would be of mixed race and (3) eventually the white race would be extinct. period.

  • Other way around bud. Black women are going outside their race for mates. That means less chance of the black race going on because those women will be matting with non black men. Every race but yours. See where I'm going?

  • You are so, how do you say yit? Full of s***, yes...that is it, you are full of s***.

  • and you are so full of bigotry

  • Bigotry goes both ways. Look 4 comms above you.

  • believe it or not there is a growing number of black men in the US who are collectively seeking and taking revenge for the enslavement and oppression of their ancestors and they are doing it in part by seducing MARRIED white women, destroying their marriages, and impregnating them. i know this because about 3 yrs ago my wife met one. within 3 wks she was being passed around in his crew and within 3 months she had left home and was living with two of them. one of those actually called me after she left and told me i needed to file for the divorce because it didnt matter to her whether or not she was married she was still going to stay with them and embarrass the family every time she had a chance. he explained the marriage-destroying plan of this group of black males and said their goal was to wreck as many white-on-white marriages as they could and break up as many all-white families as they could and impregnate as many white women as they could. they never use their legal names so theres no way to track them or make them pay for anything like child support. they just go around enjoying themselves and "addicting white women to black c*** and destroying white society" --- his words and he laughed when he said it. be careful.

  • Bullshit. Look at what you married. That's not all white women,just your s***.

  • Same with my wife, started with one and by their third meeting she would do any thing he wanted she moved in with him and started doing his friends. She called me a few months later and wanted to come home, after her lover got tired of her he passed her off to another man and another, and another, and another, each worst than the last, each time she passed to another man there would be a rush of new man to use her, to f*** her. she would suck their c**** and swallow their c** and not even know their names.

  • I hope FU was your answer. While she was doing this you should've gotten all her stuff and throw it out. Change the locks. Then get the papers,the big papers. You know what I mean. Kick her ass to the curb.

  • I was talking to a white woman in Arizona back in the 1980's while at little league game with my very white son, she was married to a very dark skinned negro she sent off to concessions to get her a Coke and some fries. She had three medium dark skinned children. I was floored when she whispered to me that they think slavery is over, I have four.

  • Make love to the man you want. Don't wait another day.

  • Yeah. Don't wait another day off yourself. You've gone to far already. I see no other way.

  • After reading your confessions and the other comments , here is the truth that I see it , It dosent matter his race , if a guy is attracted to you he will do what he can , say anything to bed you , If you love your husband dont do it , You will only have guilt and a broken marrage. I have broken up relationships before persuing another taken women and all it brings is hearthach to all involved once the truth comes out and it will

  • He's right. The truth always come out somehow.

  • Black men will bring down this country. I will tell you this, I will never hire black boys there lazy workers,THE WORST. If you see this on the streets white women with black boys Its becuse the white girl did'it have a good father in her life. Now look what happens , white girl with black babys and crack. Life in the ghetto is good for some white girls.

  • Unfortunately you are right, i was always involved with this type woman meaning; each one has or wanted bbc, and i privately found it hot, dirty,hot bbc talk always enhanced my appetite. With that said, it goes without saying, thoughts become actions, evolving to their habit and the habit results in their overall identity so they f*** up the relationship because they apparently love those black d****..common denominator? Disturbed childhoods. Molested, abused, no parental guidance..if you want the nastiest hottest s**, those are your targets..god is cruel sometimes lol

  • That and no self respect.

  • I actually think a white girl with black babies -- especially if it's more than just one -- is incredibly sexy.

  • MORON!

  • white men get unbearably jealous when they see a young white girl dating a black male because they know shes being taken better care of in bed than they ever could. every white man knows that once his wife or girlfriend gets with a black man she is not coming back. but the thing that frightens them the most is their white daughter getting with a black man: they know shes f****** like crazy and that she will never date a white guy again.

  • Someday it will all come back on you bastards ... just watch

  • They don't get jealous, their blood pressure goes up because they know where the little white girl is headed. Poverty.
    There are so many unemployed, lazy, drug dealing negro's out there. the little white girl is to f****** stupid to realize that her punk-ass negro boyfriend has no standards when it comes to p**** and will f*** anything that spreads her legs.

  • Guy above me. That was spot on. In others words awesome!

  • My wife's oldest niece is a 17yo white girl. She dated a white boy for six weeks - SIX WEEKS - when she was twelve, and since then it's been nothing but black adult males. I always thought she was a cute girl, but a little too "out there", in several ways, including the fact that she's only dated older black guys. Well, now she's 5.5 months pregnant and, obviously enough, the baby is going to be black, and for reasons I can't explain to you (because I don't understand them myself), I now find her incredibly beautiful and unbearably sensual and sexy. I mean, F***, this skinny girl with the swollen belly? How can I possibly think this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen??? I don't get it, but there's even something in the way she walks, and in the way she talks, the way she moves, the way she lays on the sofa. We had Thanksgiving dinner at her parents' house yesterday and I had to go into their back bathroom twice to m*********, just to keep my erections a LITTLE bit under control. I don't understand how EVERYTHING this girl does suddenly turns me on beyond belief. By Christmas she'll be even bigger, and unless something happens between now and then, I may have to avoid her altogether, for fear of telling her how hot I am for her and how much in love with her I am. She's driving me wild. My wife, unfortunately, has never excited me like this, pregnant or not. This girl just makes me f****** crazy for her.

  • Ummmm.....look at your wife. She loves you, cares for you and carried your children, now go look in the mirror and see if it is really worth it.

  • Right on my friend.

  • I know, I know, I're totally right. Totally. And I doubt that anything can ever happen between me and my wife's niece, but I can't help feeling what I feel or wanting what I want. And what I feel for the girl is love and what I want is her body........her very sexy pregnant body. The father, whoever it is (she says she doesn't know), isn't in the picture, and I fantasize about leaving my wife, marrying this girl, and raising her baby as ours. The girl and her pregnant body are driving me insane. There are days when I can think of NOTHING else.

  • So you can't be helped. You're a worthless F. Time for you to put a gun to your head then.

  • I worked with Black men. I got to know many of them , all thay want to do is s**** as many white women as thay can , if thay get a married women, more to brag about.
    Black men think and belive what thay say. Thay will put the hit on your girlfriend or wife if your not around. I seen that first hand. When a black BOYS beds down a white girl or a married white women, it's not becuse of love. It gives them a sense power. Its like a secret code with black men, Look i F**k 8 white women. I will close with this teach your daughters well like i did, unless you want your daughter having black babys and poor.

  • You got it.

  • They can teach all they want. Even if she is just playing around or experimenting or taking a dare or whatever, once a white girl gets a black c*** in her, it's over. OVER. And no teaching is going to get her off the black c***. It doesn't matter if she's 16 or 66 or anything in between, or if she's married, or has kids of her own, or was raised to be prejudiced. Once she gets on that black d***, she ain't gettin' off of it. Not ever. Period.

  • It it's not true when a white woman f**** a black guy and comes home she gives her husband the best b******* here red and if he really loves her he let her f*** any black guy she wants

  • When a white woman f**** a black man she loses all value and respect.

  • Calling people derogatory names exemplifies idiocy. BTW...
    Yawn is not spelled with and "r".

  • Basicly a woman has a built in defense about being with another man when she is married,however times do over the years change for women just look at how liberated they are now compared to yesteryear.
    So what i say is this what you do not try you will never know so if its a nice relationship you have with this man then go for it as you may regret it for he rest of your life but from the begining make it plain that this is only once unless you really fall in love with him

  • H*** no! Just don't do it. Besides if you open for that, your marriage is a lie.

  • Girl don't listen to this bullshit.... I believe you should repent and get on your knees and pray. Seriously. Do not lose what you have because that is likely to be the end result for a quick fling, it ain't worth it.

  • Another idiot n*****'s fantasy.. they make me yarn, these morons

  • Yarn
    spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.
    synonyms:thread, cotton, wool, fiber, filament; More
    a long or rambling story, esp. one that is implausible.
    synonyms:story, tale, anecdote, saga, narrative; More
    verb: yarn; 3rd person present: yarns; past tense: yarned; past participle: yarned; gerund or present participle: yarning
    tell a long or implausible story.
    "they were yarning about local legends and superstitions"

  • That is funny, great come I yawn

  • I have to agree with several of the comments here. If you f*** this black man, you could get addicted to black men. But learn this lesson now so you don't learn it the hard way. Men DO NOT consider having s** with a woman, loving that woman. They can adore that woman, but they don't love them. Don't misinterpret the great s** you will get from some black men as love from them. DO NOT slip into falling in love with one of them. It would be the stupidest thing that you have ever done. Just ENJOY the s** with your black men then go back home and keep LOVING that white husband of yours for what he does give you in your life.

  • Wrong! That's why she should not sleep with it because of all the things her husband has givin her in her life.

  • Brilliant! You should do EXACTLY what this says. He or she is absolutely correct.

  • SHUT UP!

  • Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way of avoiding becoming addicted OR falling in love with the giant d*** on a black man. Once you get that giant thing inside your body, you're done. It is totally TOTALLY true what they say: once you go black, you can't go back. There's no way you can possibly maintain a balance between taking the black d*** and going home to your family: you'll be on the black d*** constantly. But YOU WILL BE SO MUCH HAPPIER THAN YOU ARE NOW!!!! I've been where you are and so I know what I'm talking about.

  • I guess whores should stick together.

  • The c*** size isn't a myth, it's real. And once you've gotten on one, white c*** will never satisfy you again. The saying "once you go black, you can't go back" isn't technically correct. You certainly CAN go back: you just don't WANT to.

  • P*** off!

  • I WOULD LEAVE the husband and go woht the black man.. he seems to be a very passionate man.. just get a divorce and be with the one who makes u the happiest.. hey, but dont continue cheating.. that s**** not cool

  • If she divorces him, she wouldn't get s***. She's the cheating s*** not him.

  • You don't need to divorce your husband until you've determined that this black man is the one for you. Get with him, f*** him as much as you can, and just see what happens. Don't give up your family until you know you want this other man permanently.

  • If she has kids I'm sure they'd understand,right? I think not. See how much your kids will love you when you blow up the family,or if not that they find out what you cheated with. Good times yes.

  • U shoud not cheat on ur husband im a married woman very happily , and all u need is a few toys , i have a vib and two d***** ones big and ones huge I can c** multiple times way more than with a man, any time I feel the urge I can make myself o as many times I want, I love it iuse them almost everyday, if ur looking for huge try the bam toy its bigger than ul get anywhere else. Best luck to you

  • Thank you.

  • You should at least see what it's like to be with him. As long as he's clean and harm, no foul.

  • What do you mean no harm no foul. It's called cheating moron.

  • If you let this black man start f****** you, you really WILL be split two ways . . . but you won't be confused anymore. Take my word for it.

  • Yeah. Take the word of a w****.

  • if you start f****** him your going to get addicted to black d***

  • Ass.

  • This is right. it will happen the very first time he stabs you with that thing.

  • No it's not. Yeah you know what happens. She loses everything. Her husband, her kids,and her home.

  • She's right, and you're going to start aching for black babies.

  • Aching for black babies. In other words she'll be aching to breed down.

  • These women are a disgrace to their heritage
    an abomination to their lineage.

  • Reading these post about married white women and black c**** makes me want to cheat on my husband.

  • Go sit and spin.

  • Do it. Cheat on your husband with a big black c***

  • Hey s*** for brains, shut up.

  • I hope you do

  • Moron

  • Just fyi........theres a younger black guy that works in the same mall where I work and I see him with young white girls there all the time but never anybody older than him, and some of them are really young. The young girls all just seem drawn to him like magnets and he obviously loves all the attention he gets from white girls and my feminine intuition tells me hes probably f****** a lot of them if not all of them (there are 2 in particular that I'm sure aren't legal but that I'm sure are already sexually active). He and I know each others names and we speak when we pass or see each other but I don't get any feeling like he is interested in me AT ALL even though I've fantasized about him sometimes. But ever since I started reading these posts from these women about not just getting laid and getting dominated by black men BUT HAVING THEIR BABIES, now it seems like all I can think about is spreading my legs for this young man and making sure I get impregnated by him. I've even started thinking about how I might seduce him and be certain that by then I've been off my birth control for long enough that he would give me a baby. I know it won't happen because he has no interest in me or even in somebody my age, but I have at least started dreaming about it. My daydreaming has become evident to my husband and children although they don't have a clue what I've been thinking and I'll never tell, but it sort of worries me that when I talk to this young man even in passing that he'll be able to read my mind or be able to tell exactly what I want. I could live with the embarrassment by lying about my intentions, but I don't know if I could live with the heartbreak of wanting him so bad and knowing for sure that I can't get him.

  • Have his baby’s then tell your kids

  • Alot of class. Spreading my legs hu. FU PIG.

  • Get your s*** together. You wind up with a black baby, I imagine that your husband will drop you like a bad transmission and you will have n o t h i n g not even your black lover.

  • Find another young black guy and seduce him im sure he would be more than willing to f*** a black baby into you with his big black c*** and his black sperm would flood your womb ...go out and do it you know you want to and really need to ...happy young big black c*** hunting.

  • I agree with ^this^ girl. This whole thing makes me cream my f****** panties! DAMN!!!

  • Oh great another soon to be single mother of mixed kid.

  • Let him f*** you with that big black c*** of his I'm sure you won't regret it guys love f****** white married women and white married women love black guys f****** them too know you want his big black c*** inside you ...get that big black c*** inside you now don't delay the inevitable ..good luck.

  • this poster has it right. i dont know if its a man or woman who responded but they are totally correct. and something else the OP must know and remember. with a black man the thing you most hear about is the c*** size: the thickness and length. that is totally true but there are two other components that they use to hook you and keep you. first, their d**** are hotter than white d**** and you will notice that the minute he gets the tip in you, all the heat radiating from that thing and warming your entire heart. but second, and more importantly, is the volume of c**. those black c**** spew more j*** than any horse ever has. you dont hear a lot about the quantity of their c** but its true and you have never experienced anything like it in your life so theres no way to prepare yourself for it, thats why im telling you in advance. he is going to fire-hose you every time he f**** you and hes probably going to knock you up more than once no matter what kind of contraceptive you use. oh and that raises a third thing i guess: dont expect to be taking any breaks between the f******* he gives you because there arent any. as soon as he fills your body with c** hes going to start getting hard again almost immediately and hes going to come back after your ass. or your mouth. or your p****. or all three. okay so thats a fourth thing: hes not going to care what hole hes just pulled out of because hes going to stick it right back in another one. if you arent already a fan of ass-to-mouth and ass-to-p**** you better get ready because your man is going to be going from hole-to-hole non-stop. your a lucky lucky lucky girl and you better start acting like it because if you dont take this man some other married white woman is totally going to steal him from you. now f****** get to work.

  • Hi just to let you know that I'm a white male that posted ....and everything you aid is true men do have bigger c**** than us white guys and I believe that every white woman married or single should be f***** by those big black c**** of theirs and I believe they do c** more than us white guys and their sperm is much more potent as well ....every white woman should be f***** by them at least once in their lives ....they are better in every way at f****** than us and its happening more and more nowadays used to be tabboo when negros were all slaves and they f***** white women in secret ...white women loved it then and they love being f***** by them now as its accepted in these times ....I think this woman will let him f*** her and she will truly love it I'm sure of that but if he makes her pregnant then that will present a big problem in her marriage.

  • ^^TRUE^^. You won't believe how much c** they produce. It will fill your p**** and then fill your womb. You also won't believe how happy that will make you. Get with your man. Do it starting today. Once he sticks it in, you won't even be able to remember your husband's name. And you won't care.

  • jesus the way they hose down your insides is too much to be believed!!!

  • Hey! You being a guy doesn't count.

  • You should make a special date and tell him that it's going to be "the night", and then let him have all of you. You know you want it, and you know he wants it, so the two of you should be together. What are you waiting for?

  • She's waiting for her head and her heart to get together. Because she knows is wrong.

  • I think you have already passed the point of no return. You have this other man in your mind and in your heart and in your soul, so now all that's left is to get him in your body. All three holes. Get to work!

  • MORON # 3

  • ya gotta try him out.

  • You try him out first.

  • If you let him f*** you, you can say goodbye to your husband and family because the only thing you're going to want in your life is that giant black c*** of his. It is totally true what they say: once you go black, you can't go back. I know this from personal experience.


  • There is nothing in the world,other than staying alive, I enjoy as much as f****** married white women.Its the most erotic thing ever!

  • And you need you black was kicked you sick b******.

  • Absolutely so. Enticing a white woman to stray from her husband and family is a thrill that simply can't be matched. Knowing that she's violating her marriage vows and her race's taboos in order to be with you is the deepest and most intimate expression of love imaginable.

  • You’ll be dancing in those hot hot flames

  • Totally against God and worthy of hellfire.

  • beautiful response. i love it.

  • I completely agree: this response is perfect.

  • Can I have ur number?.xD

  • I don't understand this. Why do you want to kiss this guy? That's not the fantasy with those guys - its the big d*** and what that feels like. Or are you just trying to get up the courage?

  • Here's what's going to happen: You're going to sleep with this guy and, once he's gotten what he wants, he'll move on. Then you, seeking that emotional high, will find a new guy; like an addict looking for their next fix. You probably felt the same way about your husband as you do about this guy but love matures over time. Like a pair of shoes that are exciting to wear at first and gradually become less exciting but more comfortable. Unlike the shoes, however, love can last if it's well maintained. Maybe your relationship with your husband could use some maintenance.

  • I agree with this post (btdt). Don't do anything with that guy; it could ruin your life if you get caught. Decide what you want with your husband. If you want out, get a divorce and then you can have as much fun as you want. Cheating never solves anything.

  • Yuck. Any white woman that sleeps with a nig is a pig.

  • You sir are right.

  • Bullshit. Any white woman who takes a black man as her lover is ALL woman.

  • Wrong! Used goods and unwanted by all.

  • Well considering ur point of view.That u want economical safety from ur hubby and s** life from a negga.I will suggest u to live together, u,ur spouse and that negga.

  • Racist nonsense. Ignore.

  • Ignore you. Just messin or am I.

  • Why would a white woman want to kiss an ugly ass monkey ?

  • I'm a white married woman, 65, and I am cheating with a black man 43. First, we meet, we dance, he mays me laugh, we do stupid things, we go places … my husband would never learn to dance, he so straight laced, and if I get sexy he doesn''t laugh at it, only looks annoyed....he's nice, he's always bringing flowers, so proper, etc. Even when we do go out, he doesn't show a lot of affection in feel my ass, playful sexy things around the house. I tried, because I was truly h****, to see if I could get him to f*** me, like old days, a quickie. He went berserk, so to speak, on how I was so nasty. S** is always the same, very little forplay, always the same position, from behind. Always, so lackluster, I get no feeling he wants to f*** me....says little. If I try to push him in to different positions, try anytype of oral, its like its nasty. My black lover is always sexy, plays with my ass, pinches my t*** and we hug and kiss in public were we go. I always feel like he would love to f*** me, he desires me, he wants. S** is always different. Sometimes he is so oral I o*****, his actual f****** can be sweet, lovable, very verbal sweet things; then sometimes he just takes me, yanks my panties down. There is alawys foreplay, but mainly I always feel like he wants me, sometimes he's verbal using what some would call nasty terms, but it makes s** so awesome; always in a number of positions and yes, I love it too, when he gets a little rough. I just always feel like he wants me, or loves me, he explores my t***, my p****, and he even took and takes me in the ass. He just makes my husband feel like a weak wimp, always so timid with me, as if I was his china doll. He's not not the alleged huge c***, but he always seem so virile, and lasting. S** with my husband, who never got in to oral, was always quick, like let's get it overwith. And, I found sucking c*** awesome, I've never been able to do much for hold my husbands or explore ,

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