A horrible 'friend'

I have this "friend" who I'm completely fake around. No matter what it is she always has to find a way to out do me. She judges me for everything. She makes fun of my weight. I'm 5ft and 120lbs. She doesn't like what I wear. I'm 15 and she said it was whorish that I wear thongs, but I'm a virgin. She is 13 and has had s**! She teases me about being shorter than her, by half an inch... She judges my boyfriend when she dated a guy who cut over her and a guy who was 17 and dropped out of school. she also asked out my crush when she knew I liked him. I got a dress for our winter formal, she had to get one that was more flashy. Truth is I don't think she is pretty at all. I think she is a total b**** and one day i hope to make her life a living h***. She is a stuck up snooty b**** who gets anything she wants. She talks bad about everyone behind their backs and it honestly makes me want to beat the living s*** out of her. she lies to people and says she was raped, she lies about her parents beating her, how do I know? Because I spent a week at her house when we were actually friends. We wend back to school and she told everyone all week that we were that she had been hit and abused. I talked to her mom. She wasn't raped. Her uncle gave her a bath when she was 3 (with here mom in the bathroom) and said he needed to leave because he was becoming sexually aroused. She is a piece of trash and I'm sick of her always trying to out do me. I get a new phone she has her daddy buy her an iPhone. But guess what, the b**** is stuck in summer school because she is stupid as f*** and only passed P.E. With a D! She had s** in a church and she is 13. I have thought about telling her mother several times but I need a secret way to do it. I want to ruin her life for making my friends think less of me, for making up lies about me, for constantly pulling my friends away from me, for making me live the last 6 months feeling like s*** about myself and making me hate everything I am. ~I honestly feel much better.

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  • Some pll are so hurt inside they either a) bring themselves up above other pll to make them feel better or b) bring pll down to make them feel better it seems like shes doing both your job isn't to like her hate or b**** about her you need to simply wipe your hands clean of her because you being so angry about what she does is in turn effecting you.I had a friend ( my best friend) that i knew for 12 years she was a selfish friend but i was so used to it i didn't see it as a real problem she also made up stories about her mom beating her ( which i knew wasn't true because i knew her mom and so did my mom). One day i found out she was saying nasty things behind my back so i wrote her a email telling her i didn't want to be friends with her anymore and that i had no hate for her and that i hoped everything worked out for her in the future. It was very freeing to let go of all that resentment i felt burdened by.Sometimes people are not compatible anymore its not bad its means your growing up and want different things. friends come and go you just need to take the good memories with you ^__^

  • I am already in highschool. She is on my sports team.

  • Oops, sorry I kept seeing 13 so I thought middle school. Okay, well on the brightside you only have two more years with this b****. The sports team is another story. You have to make it tolerable so that you don't hate going to practice and playing the game (whatever you're playing). Maybe you can buddy up with some of the girls on the team and avoid hanging out one on one with this girl as much as you can. And avoid her as much as you can outside of school and during school. If you do hang out, and she makes a comment about what you're wearing or how you look etc. Tell her that you like how it looks. Or another possible comeback. if she offers some comment say, I wasn't asking what you thought, when I want your opinion, I'll ask for it. And say it with a smile, so although it is b**** it doesn't come off that way. Especially, if you're not looking for a confrontation at that moment. If the friendship was worth saving, you should talk to her. If it's not, just let it play out and keep your distance. Friends should support you and cut you down.

  • As much as you want to hurt this so-called friend of yours..she's already hurting herself. She's immature and insecure and she is so desperate to be noticed. So she thinks that any attention (bad or good) is good. She may also be jealous of you..so she belittles you to feel better about herself. Doesn't make sense why some people do this..but they do. Your other friends should know who you are and support you. And they should be able to separate what is a lie from the truth, and if they don't, they're not your friends. Hopefully, you'll be starting high school next year and you can move away from this girl and make some other friends. It's hard when you're young and in school because there are only so many friends. Don't stoop to her level...just stop hanging out with her. Or your alternative, stand up to her and call her on her s***...because no one is telling her to shut up.

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