I spy on my sister..

I was looking through our family computer for a photo my older sister took of me when i came across a photo of her topless. At first i was devastated!! I've always seen my sister as a 30 somethin year old woman who i could come to for answers. I couldn't of ever thought of her doing something as juvenile as taking naked pics of herself for her b/f. I was shocked and appalled for about an hour then it occurred to me..she has a life outside of her family life like everyone. Now i've become curious about her s** life and sexual behavior so I've started spying on her. Not for any sexual gratification but just out of curiousity. Because i'm curious about the side of her that she doesnt show to family..I've went through her emails, i've listened to her phone conversations, and i've peeped through the cracks in her door to find out more about her sexual nature and behavior.

Mind you, this is nowhere near close to sexual gratification. But there is a flutter in my stomach that i get from knowing things about her that she thinks is kept well hidden. Now that i think about it. I think i just get a rush (non sexual) about finding out everyone of interest's secrets..Is this wrong?? Like honestly..

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  • She no spy,, my sister. she is a cockroach pest. used to love her but not now.

  • Have you got time to grow young with me ? I am only 14 look at the weight just falling off me with worry and walking all the time. I can't much and I am losing weight everyday in bucket loads.

  • My sister and I used to f*** when I was 12 and she was 16, we did it for a while. She used to love to sit on my face. I figured out now that she was just a skanky w**** as a teen, so I guess she decided to f*** me. She moaned like crazy to a 12 year old that's all I gotta say. She used to come at night to my bed naked from across the hall, and just get under my covers and blow me to get me hard and she just f**** me and c*** to go to sleep....Now I just look and her nudes and j*** off in front of her naked when she sleeps.

    We got drunk one day, and we were in the car smoking weed. I had a b**** and it was buldging to right of my leg. My sister touched my lap, and she pulled away quickly. We smoked a bong rip and she got super high so we went up back into the apartment elevator where I think she purposely fell back into my crotch. I was so excited my heart was pumping. We walk into the condo, and she just goes into my room and takes off her clothes but leaves on her panties and bra. She was complaining it was too hot. She got in my bed leaving me in confusion. I asked her where do you want me to sleep. I just layed beside her and used my phone for about 25 minutes. She was snoring pretty loud, and I started to take pics from under the blanket cuz her ass was out. I got so h**** and I actually couldn't help it but to take my c*** out, spit on my hand and rubbed it on, and slid it into her. I thrusted for about 7 times and she woke up moaned and whispered I missed you. I ate her p**** so good and f***** her for about 45 minutes before I came in her p****. We f***** the same night once more and kept f****** ever since

  • Spied on mine all the time. Similar, made a separation in the molding between the bathroom and her bedroom doors, so could see in, used mirror under the door (which I swiped from her makeup table), photo her laying out to tan from the bathroom window, and would lightly pull her robe open when she slept on the couch, to get as much of her showing as possible. Rare was the day that I didn't see her partly or fully naked. Even watched her douche on the bathroom floor one night. Very hot.

  • I think that's normal. First time I house sat for my hot older sister, years ago, I went in to feed her pets, get the mail, etc, and ended up going through her dresser drawers and bedroom closet. Knew she had a wild side, but..Got excited when I found her pot pipes, s**-play costumes, and, in the drawer, an envelope full of p***-like, posed nude photos of her. Stole a few, but didn't want to take too many. After that, while most people saw her as the responsible school teacher, I knew better...And loved it.

  • Another Warning about Immoral Women
    1Follow my advice, my son;
    4Love wisdom like a sister;
    make insight a beloved member of your family.
    5Let them protect you from an affair with an immoral woman,
    from listening to the flattery of a promiscuous woman.
    6While I was at the window of my house,
    looking through the curtain,
    7I saw some naive young men,
    and one in particular who lacked common sense.
    8He was crossing the street near the house of an immoral woman,
    strolling down the path by her house.
    9It was at twilight, in the evening,
    as deep darkness fell.
    10The woman approached him,
    seductively dressed and sly of heart.
    11She was the brash, rebellious type,
    never content to stay at home.
    12She is often in the streets and markets,
    soliciting at every corner.
    13She threw her arms around him and kissed him,
    and with a brazen look she said,
    14“I’ve just made my peace offerings
    and fulfilled my vows.
    15You’re the one I was looking for!
    I came out to find you, and here you are!
    16My bed is spread with beautiful blankets,
    with colored sheets of Egyptian linen.
    17I’ve perfumed my bed
    with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
    18Come, let’s drink our fill of love until morning.
    Let’s enjoy each other’s caresses,
    19for my husband is not home.
    He’s away on a long trip.
    20He has taken a wallet full of money with him
    and won’t return until later this month.”
    21So she seduced him with her pretty speech
    and enticed him with her flattery.
    22He followed her at once,
    like an ox going to the slaughter.
    He was like a stag caught in a trap,
    23awaiting the arrow that would pierce its heart.
    He was like a bird flying into a snare,
    little knowing it would cost him his life.
    24So listen to me, my sons,
    and pay attention to my words.
    25Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her.
    Don’t wander down her wayward path.
    26For she has been the ruin of many;
    many men have been her victims.
    27Her house is the road to the grave.
    Her bedroom is the den of death.

  • Http://www.confessionpost.com/49938/i-met-someone

  • I know what you mean. I have had voyeuristic feelings like that myself. It's probably not a good idea to act on them, though. People need their privacy. You'd want to keep your private stuff private, think how she must feel. Also, I want to mention that there's nothing juvenile or wrong about taking nude photos of yourself. You wouldn't say that about a man, don't say it about a woman, especially your sibling.

  • You can all go to h***. I've read some twisted s*** on here myself. The man is spying which is sad and that's all i hope he's doing..But if u wanna talk badly n whatnot start with the child molesters, the rapists, the cheaters, and others who did more vile s*** than this..

  • Personally, I'd rather start with you, stepping up to the plate to defend this sick f*** r***** sisterfucker.

  • He didnt say anything about f****** his sister you inbred filth..

  • The sick f*** is lying about how aroused he is by his sister's nude pix. he wants to tap that nasty ass. hes a punk-ass and a sisterfucker and if you cant see that then you're a sick f*** r***** sisterfucker just the same as him. enjoy your perversions with your bro.

  • F*** you f****** waste of skin. This is the OP and im here to say that there are still ppl around that can exercise self control b****.

  • That's really hilarious. Please tell us all: exactly how much of this self-control have you exercised since you found the first topless photo of your sister?

  • God, what a sorry sack of s*** you are.

  • "I've went through her emails, i've listened to her phone conversations, and i've peeped through the cracks in her door". I hope she catches you and shoots you. You deserve it, you little b****-ass b****.

  • You're right. What you're doing isn't anywhere near sexual gratification: it's sexual perversion.

  • You aren't just wrong: you're a very, very sick f***.

  • Thank you :)

  • You're very, very welcome, you very, very sick f***.

  • Since i've discovored this site some years back there's been 4 confessions about murder, 6 about violent crimes,3 about rapes, and another 3 about molestations, and ur trying to tell me a simple case of voyuerism is sick? You must be a stupid f*** then..

  • It must be good living in fantasy land. -Dr .O

  • LOL!!

  • f****** r*****

  • Suppose you have a girlfriend, would you want your sister to know everything about your relationship? Your sister has as much right to a private s** life as you do. If you're curious all you can do is ask her and be satisfied with whatever she's willing to share. Try to let your respect for your sister be stronger than your curiosity.

  • I doubt he's in any danger of having a girlfriend

  • he has a girlfriend: it's his sister. she just doesn't know it.

  • Yet you still have not told us what you found out about her

  • The answer to your question -- obviously -- is "yes". Yes, this is wrong, like honestly. And you need to, like, stop it.

  • pitiful. shameful.

  • 1. Not fake..

    2. Is it a crime if i am trying to convince myself it's not sexual because i don't want it to be but h*** seeing a female naked triggers something in our human nature?

    3. I know it's invasion of privacy..I've got a list of things i want to find out and after that the spying is over.

    4. Hey if someone spied on me it's my fault for thinking i could so leisurely do my dirty little secrets..

    5. Karma comes back for any and everyone i'm not excluded..

  • Your explanations just make it worse. You know it's wrong, and you know why, but you're going to continue it until you've completed your little "list of things I want to find out"? And more than that, it's interesting, your use of the word "crime"? Because that is exactly what you're doing: you're committing a crime, every time you do these things.

  • Everyday ppl do things knowing that they are wrong even you.

  • Spying is an invasion of privacy and what you're doing is known as voyeurism!! You should be ashamed of yourself! You have no respect and consideration for anyone's privacy from what it sounds like! You need to see a therapist for help because this is just wrong, immature, asinine, and weird! Stop being nosy and stay out of people's business! You have no right in doing that!

  • Even me? I'm not committing any crimes, and I'm not trying to justify my bad behaviors as something less offensive. None of that is true of you. None.

  • Fak fake fake as s***.

  • I hope it is.

  • So what did you find out about her? she a freak? threesomes? orgys? something else?

  • Are you related in any way to Barack Obama? Do you work for the NSA? Is your name Edward Snowden?

  • NSA was spying on people LONG before Obama.

  • That's a hoax.

  • Ever Heard of J Edgar? The records he kept on people would fill a library...And that predates the NSA and even Obama's birth. So...not a hoax.

  • You seem to be suggesting either (1) that because Hoover spied on specific individuals for his own personal benefit (or psychoses), it's okay now for the entire government to pick through the personal lives of millions of citizens in a manner that, were it not for the (arguably inapplicable) FISA laws, would clearly be criminal, or (2) two wrongs actually do make a right. For your sake, I hope you're not suggesting either of those things.

  • And just what exactly did The Great Black Liberal do to stop that?

  • You keep saying non sexual but i think that you are just trying to convince yourself that it is non sexual when its not.
    one of these days shes gonna find out and then what are you gonna do?

  • It's obviously TOTALLY sexual. Stop kidding yourself.

  • Extreme invasion of privacy. Could ruin your relationship with your sister, and with anyone else you are tempted to "spy" on.
    How would you like it if someone did it to you?

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