I am going insane.i belong in a mental hospital for life.

I confess that i am starting to go insane,i belong in a mental hospital for life,i need help,i need to learn to be happy again.my dad made me hate,i love to hate.i love to make all people hate me,growing up.i did not have much of a happy childhood.my childhood was just filled with sooooooo much hate and regret.my father who by the by is a fat racist pig.a person whom everybody hates.he is so not worth being a grandfather to my children.that i have said to my good self.i have said to my self,that i am not ever going to have any children of my own ever in this life,my father is a fat racist prejudice pig.my downfall is that i shall never have a normal life in my life ever.the voice in my head is saying to me.do not ever have any children in your life forever,or your bad father will want to see them,and become there bad grandfather.i had alot of head injuries.i had a TBI,which is traumatic brain injury.and this TBI said to me.That i never knew what a normal life was all about.because of my bad father.before i die,i am cursing my bad father to go to h***.i had a grade 3 concussion,that was never treated in time.that was the fault of my bad father,i will never forgive him.he is dead to me already.i should have been in a mental hospital 15 years ago.when i suffered that grade 3 concussion,maybe then i would have a normal life by now,this year.but that grade 3 concussion was never treated in time,i was 15 at the time,when i suffered that bad concussion.now i am 33 years old this month.and this grade 3 concussion is starting to make me belive,that i should go to a mental hospital.and just hope,that i can somehow start to have a nowmal life again.i need to forget my problems.only a mental hospital can do that.my dad needs to be dead for what he did to me.

Jun 19, 2013

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  • I'm sorry for you! I despise bad parents!

    May God Bless you - try to find a PTSD mtg group!

  • You don't need to forget your problems, you need to come to terms with them. You don't need to be in a mental hospital but you do need some kind of help for all the anger and hatred in you. You are a good person and didn't deserve what happened to you. You shouldn't cheat yourself out of the normal life you are entitled to. Get some help. Find counseling. Look up a hotline number to call anonymously if need be. Find someone to talk to so you can get all the anger out.

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