I'm SO lonely and depressed. The only

I'm SO lonely and depressed. The only reason I'm still alive is because I feel I can't leave my dog and two cats. I wish I could go to sleep tonight and never wake up. I've been in therapy and on antidepressants for years and am still miserable. Maybe I'm broken?

The loneliness is going to crush me.

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  • start talking to guys be more outgoing and whatnot.
    I think all you need is a bf. ;]

  • You need s**!

  • I wanted to say "Kill yourself nobody loves you" but i decided against it because you are a human and that you have feelings, takes care fo those feelings and move on.

  • I could have written this...It all sounds more familiar than I'd like to..Even the part about the cats and the dog..I wish there were easy answers and solutions and escapes and miracles..It's a cliche,I know it too well,but try talking about it(I know loneliness and all its hoplessness,so if you don't have a close friend,try talking to someone online,I was surprised to see that even faceless,foreign "voices" can sometimes make a difference..) ,try writting it all down,whether it is anger,fear,hollowness,guilt,shame,sheer pain or all toghether..Try paint your deamons..Sometimes it works,sometimes the pain is exorcised and released into plain nothingness and it ceases to haunt you...Even if it only lasts for a second..Sometimes even small victories count..These often helped me more than pills and therapy.Once in a while I'd release all my scars and stop feeling devoiced.I wish you all the best.Anna

  • Hang in there. It's just temporary, even though it's been going on for years. You have years of good life left, I'm sure of it.

  • i know how you feel every day is like climbing mount everest without any oxygen. i feel like i fell in a deep hole and every time i think i have found the way out, i loose my footing and fall in deeper. its so dark in this hole and no one can hear me. the only one that can get me out of here is me. no one else wants to and no one else will ever get me out. find your root or rock and climb out. you can do it even if its painful pull yourself out

  • find someone to talk it through with, someone you can rely on.
    Don't give up on yourself.

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