Fooling around

I am 38, married, and I have been a teacher for 16 years. I am friendly with everyone on staff including the custodians. This school year I have been letting the janitor feel me up when were alone, usually after school. It is so exciting to me to have another man playing with my b****.

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  • My hot older sister is a teacher and the dance team instructor, and admits to letting (only hot, young) new, non-teacher employees, or, coaches of opposing sports teams she talks to during games, feel her up in private, grab her ass, or go up or down her shirt.

    After one basketball game, two of the opposing team's assistant coaches were talking to her at the far end of a hallway (she was locking up), and traded off feeling her body up and down, literally turning her around from one guy to the other. Told me later that night when we were having drinks that she "may have told them she had to walk to the end of the hallway", so, my guess is...It was an invite. Guys love her, and, she does give them a lot of freedom with her body.

  • Go one stage further and let that janitor give you a good f******... I think you would like another man's c*** inside you.

  • I'm 55 and a school governor and I have f***** 4 teachers from the school aged between 22 and 60. The 60yr old let's me have outdoor bondage with her and once we were caught by another man walking his dog and I let him f*** her as she sucked my c***. She hopes we get caught again

  • Dam thats hot

  • Some of the ladies at my work let me feel them up too if we are alone at the office, its hot and exciting

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