It was me who set the school on fire

It was me who set the school on fire. all it took was a lighter. its funny how the school knows it was a student but can't track me down...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I always wished someone would set our school on fire so we could get free days off.

  • haha, well done. And all I've ever done was smash a skylight :(

  • Damn and here all this time I was SURE it was Bart Simpson!

  • good job i wish some1 would set my school on fire

  • F***

  • dfdfdfdf

  • I hope you're lying. And if you are, you have a problem.

    If you're telling the truth, you have a bigger problem. You should turn yourself to the police. That's right. It's the best thing for you and everybody.

  • How is that better for him at all lol

  • Oh I'm sure you can be tracked. Quite possibly now from your PC! You need to figure out why doing this excites you, are you hurt inside, lonely, abandoned by friends, family, loved ones, I really think you should find a mentor, therapist, or a trusting adult to discuss your current mental health with, it may seem cool now, but it only goes down hill from this small act, worse is ALWAYS yet to come. Make a future for yourself, act out by being better, smarter, richer, finding a cure, or just not being another teenage statistic.

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