I wanna get a white woman pregnant

I am a black guy.I just want to find a white woman,legal age,single or married,have s** with her until I knock her up and she can have my baby.I have slept with many white women but none has gotten pregnant.Most of them are on the pill or have their tubes tied.With all the white women in the world,I cant believe how difficult it is to get just one pregnant.I have worked and craved this for years!

Jul 3, 2013

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  • Carol Haflmann in Ma. loves black c**** but I think she's past her breeding prime

  • Any man let's his wife f*** another man is a piece of s*** sorry son of b**** m

  • Hmu jesslovesbbc@aol.com

  • My wife is a volunteer, yes you can breed her

  • Can I breed her?

  • Go for the married ones if you want to succeed. I currently have 3 kids with 3 different white women, and I have yet to find a married woman that will actually take me up when I make eye contact and say "Look me in the eye and tell me not to put my black b****** in you, and I'll pull out. You have about 30 seconds". Has never failed to result in a newly christened s*** wife returning home to her husband with a p**** full of my black sperm.

  • I would love for you to fill my bbw wife's p**** with c** so I can tell her to sit on my face, while I clean her p**** up you can f*** my tight ass.

  • Filthy f****** n*****,thats all the world needs is one more white s*** breeding the enemy.we will cut it out of her and catcvh it on a bayonet muthr fukr

  • I see a lot of haters and a lot of ignorance here.not to mention the amount of racism.I am no expert on what other ethnic people want sexually.all the info can't be wrong.dare I suggest do your own study.most of you will be SHOCKED!

  • F*** off snowflake.

  • If I ever find any of you n****** Im gonna lynch you

  • You can die trying

  • And we will and so will you except we wont go home after a week or so.we will fight for years until we rid ourselves of this black cancer.

  • I am a 23 year old college white girl who went to my friends apartment, she has been seeing a absolutely gorgeous black boy , we were partying alittle and on of his friends came over we were all drinking not drunk and just having a amazing time . When he kissed me , I have never ever touched much less been with a black guy. But we were dancing and there smell, not to mention there fit ! We kissed then lightly played ( making out ) when it turned serious, my friend ask u sure , and we just didn’t stop hiss kisses the way he held me and when I slid my fingers down his shorts omg yes there hugh is all I am going to say ! It felt so amazing as I slid my lips down his black c*** mmmmm and when he finally f***** me it was like over a hr , no white boy ever last that long and at the end I begged him to fill me up with his rich cumm and he did and yes I am pregnant and proud, Ashley

  • LoL. This is clearly written by a black guy. But it is entertaining.

  • No actually it was true , because it was me ! And yes I not only had his baby I married to a amazing black guy and yes I had his baby too

  • Hey Ashley. How are you and your baby doing?

  • Actually we are fine , after that I started seeing black guys an ended up marrying a absolutely amazing black boy I met in class . Since then I had one more baby ( his ) a beautiful little girl. We are fine and enjoying life . One thg for sure I can tell you black guys are way better in bed an it’s not even close. I will never ever f*** a white boy that’s for sure.

  • Good luck, it is amazing feeling, my wife is also expecting her black baby soon

  • Fake story but any white woman who would breed a black baby is mentally retarded...id drown the little niglet in a 5 gallon bucket if you were a member of my family.

  • What's with the bogus story? Why can't you people stick to the topic? The topic isn't tell you bullsh*t. Read the topic and comment. Simple.

  • Just what if her story is true...hahahah

  • It is very true, I can show an I am Ashley

  • True. Sure pal, I have a bridge ta sell ya. Come on, lets be real here. We all know 95% of the stories are bogus. Besides, he talking about staying on topic.

  • Come to Nashville Tn.it is easy to find a a white woman here that will take your seed to birth..NSA

  • And we we'll stomp a mud hole in your black ass.

  • Not nice saying "easy to find a white woman here that will take your seed to birth". Making white women sound like they'll just fall over on their backs for black seed. I'm sure not all the white women would fall back so easy. By the way. Stick to the topic.

  • First of all, the guy with the biggest d*** on the planet is a WHITE GUY, Jonah Falcon. You know who started all that jive about black guys being more well-endowed? Black guys, that's who -- because spreading that myth was their only real chance of getting laid. So let's give credit where credit is due: if there's one thing that black guys are very good at, it's hustling, bullshitting and self-promotion, and trashy young white girls who aren't too bright get suckered in by all that. Then they wind up as single moms on welfare raising a mixed race kid who probably will never know who his father is. So how did this happen? Easy. Somewhere along the way, hip-hop became the prevailing musical trend. Black guys took advantage of this opportunity to spread all kinds of myths about themselves, including that they're more well-endowed than white guys. The truth is, because most black guys are generally ugly, the only ones who can get cast in p*** films HAVE to be well-endowed -- and if that's all people will see, then that's the impression people who don't know any better will come away with. But impressionable young females are very fickle. If pop culture suddenly makes Latino music the hottest trend and social media "influencers" such as the Kardashian sisters suddenly start dating and/or marrying Mexican-looking guys, guess who's going to be yesterday's news and who's the one that all the white trash chicks are gonna wanna bang? That's right -- now they're going to be spreading their legs for Armando Latino instead of Joe Ghetto.

  • I cant believe their is a white guy in this planet as stupid as you. So when a white girl sleeps with a black guy she ends up being a single mom,so their are no single moms who have f***** white guys? Aren't you self promoting in your post? I know your mom has f***** a black and, which then makes her stupid. I have seen white girls,who would probably never even give you a kiss on the chick, f*** black guys.

  • If you're in florida hit me up

  • Volunteering...

  • You would like my niece. I'm sure she'd love you to get her pregnant.

  • I'm sure a lot of guys have liked your niece. I guess she has low standards, no self worth, and no dreams. To bad she can't try to aspire to be more than some guys easy bake oven.

  • Some of you guys should be ashamed of what your saying, bunch of f***ing racists. Interracial relationships make us strong.

  • Look pal. As long as there are people on this planet, there will be racism. It's a sad fact I know.

  • Your just another black guy wanting a white woman! I'm sure you wish she was little petite blond and you think your d*** is bigger than white guys. go black and you never go back? L****. What you think you taste better? You think you only got a big d***? All I want to know is why a pretty white girl would f*** a monkey/gorilla? If they do those n whores got a mental issue. Unless they just like the of monkey d***. You can buy horse d***** if you need big but f****** a black ass n***** ? get real b****.

  • There monkey d**** are sure larger and thicker than the white soda straws that's the reason white women's p**** drips at the sight of a black anacondick and a lot of teen girls would love to try it out for size and then for sure will now stick to that size and fore sure they will do it with black and never turning back and also will tell their friends about it.

  • Lmao little blackboi is getting mad. Keep trying honey, your little fantasy isn't going to change the fact that women, black or white prefer white men over black bois.

  • Cool it on the name calling man. You're going to make the rest of us look bad.

  • My too low sperm count makes me unable to get my wife pregnant and we can’t afford artificial insemination. We agreed on natural insemination. She did not completely undress. She bent over the bed and lift up her skirt. Of course no panties to avoid a possible fetish. He penetrated her from behind and f***** her until he e********* inside her. We thought it was going to be quick but it took him a while. We thought my wife would end up o***** free but we were wrong. She tried to hide it from me but she couldn’t. The guy came over every day during her fertile period; however he didn’t get her pregnant. Watching your wife having an o***** by another guy is not worth it if she doesn’t get pregnant. We are looking for another guy that can really knock her up.

  • Did she about your low sperm count before you got married? Yes. Then she knew going in this might be a problem. No. You didn't tell her. Either way that is messed up to let other men have your wife. Bent over or not. If she loves you, then she'll deal with not having kids. If she doesn't deal with it well, maybe you married the wrong woman. Don't let other men touch her man. She gets to like it. Then you got big problem. You have s** with your wife, kids or no kids.

  • Look is the same for me. I am a white male. All I can think about is black women. I so much want to get a black woman pregnant. I dream of an interracial child. I think black women are absolutely beautiful in every way.

  • I have bred gorgeous mulatto girls out of a number of black women - all the dark, coalblack color called "eggplant" purple-black. Knowing my white seed was going to be blacked was such a turn on. And whenever I'm with my deep chocolate black girls I'm so proud at the envy I see in white men's eyes that I have produced with the black race.

  • Sorry bub. Nobody envys an idiot. The look you're getting from white dudes is not envy, it's pity for the black lady you're with. White dudes are looking at you like what a d*ck. Parading her around like a prize instead of someone you charish. If you really are with these women, what a shame. You're with them for the wrongs reasons, which makes you a giant tool. Any women from any race should be respected.

  • Isn't lifting up her skirt for a gigantic black c*** that mesmerized her what put beautiful Patricia Heaton in the "family way?"

  • Show a white woman of any age pictures of gigantic black d**** banging white women senseless, and I,ll show you an armyof white women who can,t lift their skirts up fast enough. This is truly the age of black male supremacy.

  • So you think.
    This ain't the age of Obama anymore. You're so stupid (like most of your your kind) took our kindness for weakness.
    Black males are monkeys that can talk. Time to send them back.

  • For one think once the monkey pumps it's monkey juice into a white woman, she will be so glad to come back for more cause she love that thick long monkey hanging Anacondick and will never go for nothing els! Just look at all of those nice looking teen girls who love to be pound and stretch wide by those monkeys Anacondick!

  • If you actually did your history and go deeper Into it you will find that cavemen or not actually black monkeys have straight hair silky like so you tell me what black person have silky hair...DONT WORRY ILL WAIT I'm a black male I have never been racist but you asked for it so you are actually the monkey the caveman the bulshit that needs to be put out of his misery

  • I guess that's the reason why they called black guys moneys because they caught their women or their teen daughters screaming and getting pounded by a huge very thick monkey Anacondick, that's the reason they are very jealous about it. They can comment anything they want but can never stop their women or teen daughters from getting a hardcore bang from the moneys thick long Anacondick

  • Naw man. No black male supremacy. No white male supremacy. Not cool talking $hit about lifting their skirts fast enough. Respect all women. No matter the race.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ok.

  • Love to have my wife carrying your baby as we are both white, and is would show that I am a cuck ,and my wife is a black c** dump for real men.

  • Ya know. When you do that kind of stuff you disrespect your wife(even if she's into it), you disrespect yourself, and (if in your home) you disrespect that too. Then again she might only be doing this because she knows you like it, but that's another issue.

  • "I am a cuck" Yeah. You sure are. Doesn't seem like your wife is much of a prize either.

  • Yep. You're a cuck. To bad. Nasty.

  • Where are you at?

  • Cuck is right. Man. Your just a little b**ch

  • You want to get a white woman pregnant. Why? Just why,really. Good or bad,why.

  • I want to mingle my black genes with white genes and have a bi-racial child.

  • Nah man. Keep it black bro. Dude above.

  • There are enough white whores out there, odds are good you will eventually have success. Many white s**** are into risky unprotected one-night stands or have self esteem issues, so would be happy for anyone to give them attention.

    The pill is not 100% effective. Many gals behaved like p*** stars thinking the pill would protect them, but ended up getting pregnant when the pill failed.

    Several white gals that I thought were good girls, but that turned out not to be.
    Saw them years later expecting them to be happily married, but many were unmarried and had one or more black kids. I was shocked. All of them had been pretty girls, but their mixed kids all looked very ugly.

    The ones with black kids all admitted it was a huge mistake they regretted, having put too much faith in the pill and getting naughty with a black guy without any consequences and thought no one would ever find out. Many bought into the size myth and even let a black guy be their first lover. A few had only done it with a black guy once and had gotten pregnant. All had been shocked when they realized the pill failed and they were pregnant.

    All with black kids said no good white guy would even look at them after they had been with a black guy, so for some another black kid followed the first one, because only black guys seemed interested in them.

    One of the dumber ones had 3 black kids and was using the pill all three times she got pregnant. All had different daddies. When I saw her last she was pregnant again with her 4th baby who was by yet another black guy and again when she was using the pill. She was planning on getting her tubes tied after that.

    Those whores are out there. You'll have your black baby growing in some white w**** eventually.

  • Very true. Have known many white skanks like that.

  • I' m a stuipp if ugly black men & I only f..... Rich pretty whites women's & have about 200 children's on wellfear.

  • Spelling my friend. Spelling. I guess you mean stupid,right?

  • Only black for me now !

  • I am a 26 year old college educated white girl . Blonde , 134 lbs , 5;6 . And was a cheerleader in high school. So I am above average looking, some say better . Married my white sweetheart that cared more for climbing the corporate ladder and working late and lying, cheating with stupid office girls . Met a wonderful big beautiful black men that cared enough to stop and help me fix a flat on my range rover. He made me laugh, he made my heart flutter, and he made my juices flow ! After he changed my tire , I ask him what I owed him he laughed, and we changed numbers. I couldn’t stop thinking of his muscles glistening in the sun so I called him ask him to meet me for a drink , after that I fallowed him to his car he pulled me close and kissed me with such passion and force it sent shockwaves down my body . I got in the car with him and we drove to a park , he started kissing me and I slid my hand to his croch , omg he started telling me little white girl wants some chocolate.... I got undid his jeans and omg it was the biggest c*** I have ever seen, when I put my lips around it all I could say was wow . And when he blue his amazing tasting c** in my mouth I knew I wanted more . The next day I called him as soon as my piece of s*** husband left for work I called him ., and pick him up and we made a day of it . But that evening we went to a hotel and when he laid me down on that bed it was pure animal instinct ( omg black men know how to treat white girls ) ,his d*** is so big it’s like the biggest sweetest c*** and his c** taste way better then any white boy I was with .we made love for like hrs not minutes and when he was about to c** , I begged, I mean pleaded for him to c** inside of me , Ihe keep saying you want the black way , calling me his b**** , it was so erotic and saying you want this don’t you b**** , you want me to breed you , all I keep saying was please yes please fill me up . C** inside me !!! He did and and yes I am pregnant with his baby

  • Sukch alie. This story was written by a black guy so as to entice white women to breed and believe that lie

  • Educated? By what you've stated here, you don't seem that educated to me. You're 26. You know nothing at 26. All the things you said and done prove my point. Even if your husband cheated, did he produce a child? I'm guessing he didn't, but you did. Like I said 26 and knows zero. I hope you look back one day when you're divorced and living in a section 8 apartment with your bi racial child (not black, bi racial child) and think it was all worth it. Next.

  • To tell you the truth no human can prove your point and you think all humans at the age of 26 are dumb and stupid! Did you reach that age yet!? So I guess your an adult that will be stuck as being a little kid that will never have a wisdom of a 26 year old and that's the reason why you will forever stay lonely.

  • Well well well. I never said all 26, year olds are dumb and stupid. I said she knows zero. She does prove my point with all the bad decisions shes made. What the h*ll does that last sentence even mean? "stuck being a kid" "Forever stay lonely" You know nothing about me. You can''t assume anything about me. I've been her age. Shes never been mine. So yes, there's wisdom on my side. For the record, married with children. Here. I'll assume your retort was you standing up for her, or your in the same boat. Or maybe because I used the word NEXT. See how assuming is bad?

  • Congratulations. As a white male I can say the sexiest thing I can see is a white woman getting bred by a black man

  • Congratulations. You are a moron. As a black male, I say black should stay with black and white stay with white. So guy above, shut up.

  • The white women can have s** with anyone they want stupid and you can never stop them! They love what they really enjoy! A nick thick very long Anacondic, so let them enjoy what they want! You the idiot up above! By the way your not black! You do your white comment just to hide behind a black!

  • I never said anything about stopping them. I guess you know about "thick long anacondic" don't ya. What the h*ll is a "white comment"? I don't go around proclaiming to be anything else than what I am. Black and proud. If you can't handle a black man's comment that's your problem. We all have different opinions. So you calling me an idiot makes you look like an @ss. If you can't deal with people thinking differently than you, then you need to open your mind to other peoples ideals. You above.

  • So you gave it up because he fixed your flat tire? Your easy. "He made my heart flutter." "Tasted way better then any white boy." By your statements I see your no great loss.

  • Lol says salty little white guy..... black d**** are longer thicker and they don’t turn nasty red eww that’s the real problem white men know they are lacking

  • Says the bitter and ugly woman who can't get any man. No matter the race

  • "salty little white guy" Must be a white woman. A little sour on white men hu? "nasty red" What h*ll are talking about? Coudn't get a white guy or maybe they didn't want you. White "nasty red"(whatever that means) Black "longer thicker". How would you know? What are you looking at on your computer. Lacking. Yeah. White guys are lacking the ability to abandon their children. Their lacking the ability to make women single mothers.

  • That's the reason why white guys are turning into f*** cause their white soda straws matches the tightness of their Hershey highway!

  • I see. So you're speaking from personal experience I take it.

  • You know it's funny you would say that. The black girls I know who've dated white guys say there's nothing lacking. They are treated like queens by white guys. They really shouldn't be tellin their personal business to me (cause I don't ask) but their proud about who their dating. They want to promote it. Oh yeah. Has nothing to do with self hating either. They like who they like.

  • Beautiful story-congratulations on the passionate affair and the pregnancy. How will you handle hubby?

  • Pretty sure I am heading for a divorce, I already talked to a attorney, one thg for sure I will always only do black men , regardless of what happens

  • How c** I c*** run into a white woman like you?

  • Heading for a divorce. God. I hope so.

  • I'm sorry.

  • If this is a true story,your sick. Why are you married? Boy. Talk about a dumb blonde. You also think way to much of yourself. That's why I'm calling bull sh*t on this story.

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! I bet that's the same thing happen to your woman and now she has a black kid, that's the reason why your here!

  • Nope. I'm here because my friend from work said check it out. If the woman in question is black of course she will have a black kid. If you're talking about a white woman, then no. She never can have a black child. Was this not known to you? What woman are you talking about? Who are you laughing at? Maybe you're trying to cover what actually happened to you,with laughter. Good luck.

  • Naw sucka. MGTOW.

  • You assuming without any facts makes you sound like an idiot. Unless you know that person you can't make statements like what you said. Do you know him/her I'm guessing you don't. So when you say stupid things you sound foolish. Although you might be trolling. Just to get a response.

  • At least I know what it's like to be with a woman. I'm a man of color and married. Why would she want a kid when she has me, a grown man at home. She is black and I'm from Hawaii. What's your reason?

  • Lmao

  • Really I feel sorry for you , yes I don’t condone that I cheated on my husband, but this older black men pays more attention to me and real fun then my boyfriend/ husband did in six yrs . And I make enough money for both of us , so get a life or a education ! Either way I don’t care

  • That is my kind of girl. man or no man,she can take care of herself and her needs. Its what I have taught my adult daughters and they have followed through. You go girl. Don't let anybody bring you down.You sound happy,fulfilled,so keep your head high.

  • So keep your head high. Are you putting me on? Her head should be down in shame. She knows she's doing wrong and does it anyway. H***. She even says she doesn't condone cheating on her husband,but does it. What does that say about her. Yeah you go girl. Keep being a cheat and lair.

  • I don't condone it either. Talk to your husband. I mean really talk to him. Then ,if he doesn't listen, leave or split up for a while. Older black man, yuck.

  • Yuck for you is total pleasure and happiness for her!

  • Yeah,but you just admitted it is yuck. Happiness. No. Its lies and betrayal. Nothing more.

  • Little tiny d*** white men with d**** that glow bright red yuck 🤢

  • Are we jealous? Envy turns you green. Yuck. Besides why did you but in? I wasn't talking to you. The so called lady who cheats on her husband was my focus. By the way, I'm a white women.

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