We smoke a lot

I am from Montenegro. Everyone smoke there. Women same as men. Women smoke in pregnancy. I smoke now as I write this and my 2 years old daughter playing next to me. I now 7 month pregnant. We all smoke when pregnant. Nothing happen to baby. In Montenegro nobody look twice when pregnant woman smoke. In US everyone look at me when I smoke like I have third eye.

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  • By the way you write, I guess your mom smoked while she was pregnant with you!!

  • Me no know wut u mean. Me very smart. Me smoke lots and make babies. Babies eat paint chips and hit heads a lot. We very proud.

  • I love woman that smoke so sexy!

  • You do have a third eye

  • Ahhh... so you were playing what would you do ....john must be so disppointed

  • What do you say? I do not understand.

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