Not good enough

Me and my husband has been together for 4 years. I got pregnant in 2010 when i was 19 and we got married when i was 6 months pregnant. he has always talked about how he wants to have a threesome. he has said before that hes gonna have s** with another woman besides me before he dies. he use to look at p*** everyday until i begged him to stop, and even those he says hes not i believe he still looks at it. i catch him looking at other women and i check his fb and he always has new women hes added. And the big shocker is he left me at home with our 3 week old daughter while he went to a strip club then tells me he wants to go again. i use to have a nice body, but not no more after i gave up everything an had his child. i just don't feel good enough.

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  • Men will watch their ocassional p***, they will dream about threesome and they might hit a strip club once with their buddies if you allow them to- What shouldnt happen however is him making you feel uncomfortable. And if you guys have a new baby he should defenitly be more at home helping out because a new born is not easy work. He needs to grow up.

  • Been there..done that. You're definitely good enough. He just has low standards. I got married at 20 and my ex husband had a disgusting p*** addiction. Eventually it lead to an insane amount of cheating. The divorcing him was the best thing I ever did. Thankfully, we didn't have children so I don't know what to tell you in that department.

  • Sounds like you're taking care of two children. You are good enough. Don't believe anything else. And that nice're 19. You can get that again. But you have to want it for yourself. Start exercising. As for your husband, he is probably just wishing he sowed his oats before marrying so young. Well the way it's going you need to have a very serious discussion about your future together..if there is one.

  • Sounds like you married a douchebag.

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