Innocent thoughts, or something else?

When my wife and I are having s** she sucks my nipples a lot. she does this because she knows how much I like it. Sometimes she arranges her thigh in such a way so that I can back my bottom up against it, over and over in a pumping movement while she sucks my nipples. During these times I find myself saying naughty things like... Do it do it... I feel so dirty... And so on. When I read posts on here I find it most exciting to read the ones about men being blackmailed or coerced or tricked into letting other men bend them over and f*** them or being made to suck. I find that when I m********* alone I have thoughts of being made to suck or being forced to allow someone to enter me from behind. as I lay in bed some nights I find my self tweaking my nipples and wishing I had the courage to tell my wife I want her to use a strap on on me. Are these just thoughts in my head or do I really want the feeling of a throbbing c*** in my mouth or the feeling of hot c** shooting up into my bottom? I find myself wondering how it would feal, or taste. Would it be enough for me to have my wife hold my hips and f*** me from behind with a strap on? You're answers to these questions would be much appreciated.

Jul 11, 2013

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  • Some people have thoughts as to what they want but are too embarrassed to ask for, or talk about it. My wife pretty much likes all aspects of s** but definitely let me know early on she doesn't like a***. One evening while we were having s** and she was lying on top, I reached down, lubricated my finger on my wet shaft, spred her cheeks and inserted my finger up her a***. She exploded in a powerful oragasm. I now do that quite regularly. She won't talk about it, answer when I ask her if she likes it and she will never ask for it. It's obvious she loves me doing it but has this embarrassment acknowledging she likes it, or to ask me to do it.

  • That is not necessarily true. if he is a non smoker and eats a lot of fruit a couple of days prior to cummming in your mouth it will have a much better taste. and it is always hot and slick lol

  • C** tastes awful

  • When i get this type of urge i wait til im alone and use my wifes vibrator in myself. I imagine sucking as im doing it to myself with the vibrator. Afterword its out of my head for awhile.

  • I went through the same thing several years ago. When my wife and I got divorced, I finally found the nerve to act on my Bisexual urges. It turns out that I am a natural c*********, and being f***** is the most intense experience I ever had. I wish I'd had the courage to talk to my wife about it. My advice is to just that. She probably already knows.

  • When you suck is it anything like sucking a d****? do you let them c** in your mouth? I think I would. When you are letting someone f*** you what is the best position? I think i would like being bent over but I don't know. I wonder if a strap on would be as fulfilling to me to be f***** by since it can't c** inside me?but I love the mental image of my wife bending me over and f****** me from behind with her nude body and big b****** pressed against my back as she fills me. Have you ever had two at one time, one at either end? Its another fantasy of mine. Thank you for your input.

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