The time for this country is coming to an end, i can feel that, this s***** country and the moment it does im throwing a party. i am so glad that i have front row seats to this end, its gonna go like the romans, once on top but no more. i can truthfully say that hate being american, but that fine since my fellow american are digging the hole that swallowing this country up. anyone can see if they were here just how unstable this country is, all the hate and selfishness and greed is finally catching up to it. im gonna ride this wave out, watching as things get worse and worse, hmm i should change that, white america will end, i doubt the "minorities" will be effected by this as much as the whites. i mean poor is poor cant get any lower, once you used to poor you can do poor. i just hope that when the time comes i am still in my prime so that i can laugh in the faces of all those self righteous jerks.

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  • 1: People have been saying this since approximately the year 1800. 2: Stop watching fox news and get yourself some education. 3: Shut the f*** up about "white america" and poor brown people.

  • 1. True enough. There are always doomsayers-- and there are always dumbshits with their heads in the sand. Look in a mirror sometime to determine which one you are (get the sand out of your eyes first).
    2. Fox News is definitely for the useless among us, but it's not just a choice between that or ("news" source you prefer) for information. There's also the evidence of what one experiences day to day on a personal level. Didn't think of that, did you? No, because you were too busy peeing your pants over an opinion that made you Feel Sad.
    3. Plenty of poor whites and well-off non-whites in this country. But they don't trip SJW radars, so they don't count.

  • You gonna treat all americans like f****** s*** and f****** trash,go to gitmo,b****.and never have contact with the outside world ever again.

  • What are you getting so buttfucked about, all i said is what is out there, you would see it if you would just open your damn eyes. im not the one causing everything to get to h*** in this country. look the f*** around and see the s*** you have been missing. this country is very unstable, it keeps growing and growing with barly any money supporting it. we have so many damn countries mad at us, have you ever thought that that was a bad thing perhaps? i mean we cannot be a strong country forever, not the way we are treating everyone even the citizens living here. so like i said im not damningg anyone if anything im just sitting back and enjoying the destruction of those who pretend like they know better when they are only for the money. but of course like they said money can bye happiness, right?

  • R E T A R D

  • Sure i can be a r***** it wont change the fact that this country is digging its own grave.

  • M O R O N

  • Call me all the names you want it just makes you look stupid.

  • Willful stupidity and doubling down on it when we're offended (which is all the damn time these days) is what we Americans do best. The only alternative is to actually take a look at ourselves and what we could do better, and most Americans would rather behead themselves with a butter knife than take two f****** seconds to reflect on how they're contributing to the collective misery of this terminal country. You sad little name-callers are proof of that!

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