My wife's best friend

My wife's best friend is extremely flirtatious. We recently had a pool party where she wore one of the sexiest bikinis I have ever seen. Her and I were in the kitchen and I told her I thought she looked incredible in her suit. She told me I was being naughty and laughed. I told her if I was being naughty she would know and grabbed her ass. She giggled and told me I was so bad grabbing my wife's best friend's ass while my wife was outside. We are always trying to sneak away and flirt like that. One of these days I'm going to ask her if she wants to act on our sexual desires.

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  • My neighbor and I flirt like that almost all the time and it has progressed to touches when we can . At dinner last week I thought it was hubby's hand on my thigh but nope it was Tim's I found out when I dropped my napkin and I bent down to retrieve it. I looked up and our eyes met and I know what he wanted but not like that, not right in front of my husband.
    Since the dinner night I have been trying to stay away from Tim but last night he met me when I took out the garbage. He took me into his arms pulled me tight against him and began kissing me on my lips and neck and I started to melt into his arms. I began kissing him back and his hands slipped beneath my blouse I wasn't wearing a bra and he immediately star5ted in teasing my nipples and Right then and there I would have let him take me but hubby was home and it wasn't quite dark out,. His hands grabbed my ass and he pulled me tight against his rock hard c*** and right then and there I know I want it, oh god do I want it, I kissed him and told him not now I got to get back in, but tomorrow when Bruce goes to a archery shoot off we can have the day together, I reached down took Tim's c*** in my hand I looked him right in the eyes and I said oh god do I want you, I want to feel your c*** in me, I want you to f*** me silly and he gave me one h*** of a kiss just them Bruce called out for me.
    All night long all I thought about was Tim and how he turns me on, Tried to get Bruce to notice me but he was to preoccupied with the up coming shoot off to even notice I barred my b****** for him. GADS

  • I might add he is 43 I am 19 kinda small 5' even 98 lbs and just a B cup

  • Please let us know more,
    I understand how you feel I could never resist an incredibly hot female I see many of them on daily basis and I can't stop fantasize how would it be like to f*** them roughly. You are damn lucky.
    P.S. and please describe her physical appearance how hot is she?

  • Please let us know more,
    I understand how you feel I could never resist an incredibly hot female I see many of them on daily basis and I can't stop fantasize how would it be like to f*** them roughly. You are damn lucky.
    P.S. and please describe her physical appearance.

  • Make sure you f*** your wife on a regular basis man, keep the routine going and do not deviate. Deviation will throw up a flag.
    Also, make damn sure that when ya'll are in the pool, that you divide your time with these women equally.

    be careful and keep us up to date. Interesting, very interesting. Be sure to provide Details man, details!

    Good luck and Good F*****'

  • The wife and I went to her friends house after a night of the three of us drinking. We stayed up late and my wife got tired so she went to bed in the spare room where we were staying. Her friend and I stayed up a bit longer and watched a movie. She sat right next to me while we watched it. I told her we should go to her room but she said she was scared my wife would wake up. After some persuading she finally agreed. We had some of the best s** I have ever had in my life. It was so exciting knowing my wife was sleeping in the next room. After we finished I crawled into bed with my wife. Needless to say it was the hottest night of my life and I can't wait to sleep with her friend again.

  • Yes, one day you will f*** her. it is inevitable. when you get caught, you will just say you have a s** addiction. some women buy that.

  • You sir are sick. That is Adultery and wrong. That is your WIFE the woman you gave your last name to! the woman you promised eternity to! What is wrong with you?? As a woman I'd kick your sorry rear out if you were my husband!!!

  • It's not my fault. Her friend is so much sexier than she is and loves to be naughty with me. It is so exciting that I can't help myself. We have become more daring recently. The three of us were at a bar last weekend and my wife's friend and I started dancing while my wife is in the bathroom. Her friend was grinding on my p**** really hard when my wife came back and asked us if we needed a drink. We told her we were fine and continued grinding right in front of her.

  • Be careful not to rub your wife's friend in her face man. Believe me, she is taking notes.
    be cool and just let it play out. If the friend wants to f*** you she will make the move. She may know that you are willing. If she does a sleep over at your home, I'm sure you can manage an accidental flash of your c*** to get her juices flowing.

    Let us know what's going on now

  • She was over again this past Wednesday to go swimming. The flirting happened as soon as we got in the pool. We were playing, trying to dunk each other things like that. My wife was involved too, we were all trying to dunk each other and splash one another. After a little while I picked my wife's friend up over my shoulder and smacked her ass then dunked her. She came up laughing and started poking my sides and tickling me. I noticed my wife getting jealous so I went over to her and paid her attention but I kept getting drawn back to her friend. We played around for a bit more before she had to leave. When she left she gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that maybe next time we could have the pool to ourselves. I don't think I can hold out much longer. I hate to cheat on my wife but her friend is making it incredibly hard not to. I know s** with her would be so much fun and exciting.

  • I think your wife knows exactly what is happening and whilst she is a bit concerned about it as you found out in the pool, she is not too bothered because she is getting f***** senseless by another guy up the road that her friend introduced her to a year ago. This guy is single, has a big house and a huge c*** which makes your wife go Gaga when he's pumping it in and out of her on a regular basis. So don't worry, your wife is only waiting for you to develop your relationship with the other woman and then she is going to sue the ass off you in the divorce court and then move in with her big cocked lover!!

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