I hate my mother

I read some accounts here,and I am grateful it is not as bad for me as for some people.

Despite this, I want to say that my mum f***** up all my chances of being a normal person.

I still loathe being around her or near her. What can I do?

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  • Don't listen to these guilt-tripping a*******. They don't know what your mother was like. I had two s***** parents. If they're toxic and causing you more harm than good, don't be afraid to remove them from your life. Do what it takes to keep yourself happy.

  • Why must you hate your mother,she loved you ever since the day you were ever born.she kept you in her care,did she ever cook brekfeast for you.did she pack your lunch for you to go to school.did she ever at all cook you a nice dinner,did she ever clean your room for you,but you did not thank her for cleaning your room for you,did you ever clean the dinner dish's for her after a nice good dinner.learn to forgive your own mother.ask her to forgive you.go out and have a good chinese dinner together and just forgive each other.she is your mother,she is your mom,she is the only mom you will ever have in this life.love your mom forever.

  • My mother never did any of that s*** for me. She was a manipulative, overbearing, controlling, neurotic, lazy parent who did only the bare minimum to keep me alive and not an ounce more. Not every mother is as good as yours might have been.

  • First of all you have top stop playing the blame game and take responsibilty for your life as an adult. If you are not an adult start thinking about how you can improve your life when you become one instead of looking for excuses or playing the blame game.

  • What did she do?

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