I'm a closeted gay, and I guess you can

I'm a closeted gay, and I guess you can say I'm not closeted anymore, but I don't think this really counts. I'm really worried how my friends will judge me when I tell them, they are always making jokes about gays and I would hate if they would target me. The last thing I want to do is have people not like me, they are really good friends, but I wouldn't put it past them to hate me for being me . . .

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  • What's wrong with lepers... I'm a leper... It doens't even spread any more, they cured that.

    God damnit...

  • if they are worth keeping, they will understand. if not, let them go. tell one of them, someone you think is more likely to understand. in the beginning, he might react, but the important thing is open up, and don't make a big deal of it. show them that while you are gay, you are more than your sexuality.

  • Oh.

    I get why my earlier comment offended you.

    Oh, haha.


    No, I don't really think that way.

    Of the people we know, I'd say I'm most likely not to treat you like a leper.

  • Above is like you. A secret gay dude hiding behind a macho front.

    Just do it. But don't let them taunt you about it. Just be gay or bi or whatever, but just don't let them bug you. You may like d***, but you still can punch someone in the face. Gay doesn't always mean sissy ( or it can if thats what you wan to be ).

  • Die!!! F****** F*****

  • Oh, to elaborate on first comment...

    I don't remember us bashing homos too much.

    I don't have a problem with such people.

    If I don't have a problem with zoophiles {a nice term for those fond of b**********} or S&M people, or people who like trannys, I don't care about gays.

    And no one else will. Like, our resident badass won't. And everyone has to listen to him.


    If only you were bi or something.

    Then you could see a chick nekked. And maybe touch her. And she'd be like 'oh, he's gay, he doesn't like it''

    But then you're like, 'hahahahaha, rickrolled ya, b****! IM BI!!!''

    And run off.

    'Twould be badass.

  • If your REALLY gay, and not just having psychological issues, then you should feel no shame.

  • Well...

    If you're who I think you are...

    You won't get bashed too much.

    I won't tolerate it. A little bashing is acceptable.

    But no more than what we do to Devon concerning X-Box. Or me concerning fapchan.

    Trust me.


    You could have your way with tons of ladies that I've been eyeing. Damnit.


    Names shall be omitted.

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