I am 190 pounds.....I neeeeeeed to lose

I am 190 pounds.....I neeeeeeed to lose weight really bad....help??? Does anyone know any good diets or anything. What motivates you? How do people even stick to their diets I am good for a week and then I fail. HELP

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  • Try crack, it works great!

  • eat right, and f****** excersice.

  • the shangri-la diet find it in your local library

  • I agree with the running comment above, but I wouldn't be so rude about it myself.

    - run or jog; start with once a week; maybe jog when you feel "fat", that'll motivate you, right?
    - walk whenever you can, ie. when you're brushing your teeth even; during commericals on TV, walk; better yet, turn off the TV and walk!
    - take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator
    - park further away from the bank, supermarket, etc., and walk more
    - flex your butt cheeks when sitting down for a period of time
    - drink water or milk instead of pop, coffee, juices
    - very minimal junk food from the Big Five: pop, ice cream, pastries, chocolate bar/candies, and chips

    Really, it's all about making sure you move and exercise more and eating less (and eating healthy). Do it, OK?


  • Atkins for 3 months I lost 30 lbs. Over the last 3-1/2 yrs I have gained back maybe 5 lbs. I made a diet for the whole week and religiously stuck to it repeatingit each week with few modifications, but stayed within the carb count as 'required'. It has worked fo rme and some others but not everybody. Give up the soda, fries, bread and eat eggs, meat, adn drink lots of water.

    Only one draw back during those 3 months. After the first week I don't think I took more than 2 dumps for over a month. It was freaky. I thought I was blocked up or something. I have took an enema thinking I neede dto get it out. Nothing. One I got off the strict Atkins plan after the 3 months I got back to normal.

  • Make sure you get your thyroid checked out first. Hypothyroidism, untreated, causes weight gain and an inability to lose weight through conventional means.

    Also, a 3500 calorie deficit = 1 pound of fat loss. Just make sure your caloric intake is correct for you and a MINIMUM of 1200, otherwise your body will go into starvation mode. Exercise provides a further calorie deficit.

    Good luck!

  • you will never lose significant weight with just exercise alone but you will lose weight if you ingest fewer calories ..that is, eat less.

  • Diets are useless.
    Try to fit in 5 mins of stretching and then 15 minutes of cardio work out. Walk fast, run, ride a bike.Iits all about getting your metabolism going. Your body will sense it needs to get active to supply that oxygen and will tap into the stored energy. If you weight train you'll gain weight first, then lose it. But the feeling of being toned is great. It encourages you to do more.

  • three words: gastric bypass surgery

  • eat less, duh

  • bulimia

  • exercise

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