My best friend died the other day. I

My best friend died the other day. I miss him sooo much. I loved him. Now he will never know how much I loved and care for him. I cant believe he is gone because he was just with me a few days ago and then now he is gone. I just dont get it. Why?

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  • To the 6th commenter:
    You absolute b******. have you never f****** lost anybody?
    Well, after that, I hope that when you do someone says that to you.

  • To the person who left the comment above: YOU are probably leaving half of these messages on here talking about how s***** your life is or how you're f****** your cousin...and if you're not then you're still a f****** lunatic for actually taking the time to go through and make vulgar comments on people's posts. Obviously you have no life, and no respect for your the lives of others or your own! Now would be the time when you come back with some comment about how I should kill myself or I should stick it up my ass since your peeon brain can't ever come up with anything original.

  • AAAWwwww ........

    Stop being a whiny b**** !!!
    You love him so much?
    You miss him so much ?
    Why don't you join him ?!!
    Heres a idea...
    Slice your wrists up with a razor blade and paint the walls with your blood!!

    Stupid B****!

  • aww well i think he knows that u love him.

  • i lost a best friend suddenly in a car crash...the emptyness will always be there...time heals wounds slowly. remember the good times, celebrate the time you had with your friend, and don't ask why...because its not fair and some way, some how, it is all in the big man upstairs plan...hope this helps

  • because you need to learn not to pussyfoot around if you love someone. ACT GOD DAMNIT!

  • im so sorry that really sux my uncle just passed not 2 long ago like probly a couple of weeks ago well in time ur wounds will heal :)

  • I feel really bad for your loss. You might not ever get over it. How terrible. <3

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