I j******* EVERY FREAKIN DAY...I like

I j******* EVERY FREAKIN DAY...I like it but I really wish I could stop it.I don't know if I am more addicited to the o***** or just the simple fact I love stroking my d***.I really want to be watched while I am doing it for maybe a stranger or do it while I am secretly being watched.I think I am a little bit sick for this but,i GUESS THERE ARE WORSE THINGS i could be doing

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  • Jon Thomas Verkin!

    you watched me in the shower?!
    & thought i needed you?!
    we're only friends with benifits... you'll never have me.
    you can afford me... there are men out there that can control my love handles better...

    i am out of your leage, jon.

  • these h**** bastards remind me of my old neighbor.

    he likes me.

  • LOL Me too!!!

  • I do it all the time too! I am a female. Can you guess what the first thing I touch every morning is?????!!??!

  • for the first time yest i jerked off six time in one day it made me feel like a loser but great at the same time

  • are you kidding I m********* like 3 times a day i'm not addicit because if some one ask me to hang out and I have masturbated yet I still go out, and I want to get caught by and hot chicks or my sister or have my sister or a hot chick wathch me as I do it i'm the sick one

  • can s** be enjoyable i thought it was just for men to relieve their needs! omg i cant believe this lol, so if ur a women s** can be enjoyable its possible?

  • Don't feel guilty. I'm now 70 but still play with my c*** every day and shoot s**** twice a week. No harm in feeling h****.

  • Once a day!?!? i do it about twice, who the f*** cares what your fantasies are, they're yours and thats all that matters

  • The o***** is God's gift. Masturbation itself is not. The o***** is so great because the Creator of the universe created it to be so. But God gave it to be experienced in the context of a faithful heterosexual marriage, but people in this world have taken what is good and fulfilled themselves in every imaginable way except in the way it was intended.

    So many people on this site, both liars and truthtellers, have made the o***** their ultimate god.

    You keep getting away with it because God hasn't called "time" on you. He lets you get away with it for now because he is patient and merciful, hoping that one day you'll wake up and turn to him and his son, Jesus, for mercy and forgiveness. But you're just one fatal accident or one aneurysm away from the God of judgment and you'll be punished for eternity.

    Turn to him while you can.

  • Masturbation is awesome.

    Don't let anyone guilt you into thinking it's wrong.

    It does wonders for the soul.

  • You are a lightweight compared to some others. The art of lovemaking isn't always about the final result. Some men don't understand that thats what some women want. They want to enjoy s**.

    I'm a voyeur and an exibitionist. The visual stimulation drives me wild, not the o*****. I like the build up. Sometimes the result is dissapointing. Having a mind reeling toe curling o***** is what one usually wants but ends up with a dull 'uh!' with a little ooze. Makes you wonder if it was worth it.

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