Gf's bj

Guys / girls please i need an advice. My gf is not having a lot of sexual experience and she doesn't know how to do a bj. I m the first one that she tries this on and i can tell by the way she is doing it. she has been with only one guy before me ,doing some basic s** . i don't really know how to tell her to improve it or the fact that i don't really like it. she is just very shy in the bed

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  • Experienced women here I can give some advice

  • Please

  • Try watching some p*** with her and tell her that looks good I would love for you to suck me like that. It’s ok to give her some instructions also.

  • She is not that kind like , she will not want to watch p*** with me and if i m gonna say to her what she has to do she will feel bad or shame

  • How about getting her a little drunk. Maybe she’ll relax. I’ve been with virgins and sometimes you have to guide them. Deep down she may be a freak. With the virgin I but it in her a****** before I had s** with her. U have to take control or your gonna want it from someone else.

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