Will it ever happen for me?

I want nothing more than to be married and have a family. I am 33 so i dont have much time left and I am starting to think i will be alone forever.

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  • It looks like youl bealone but what about if it gets 2 bad walk under a bus

  • Read my lips: don't have kids. Do not f****** do it. Have a family all you want, but that has nothing to do with having children. They will make you hate your life, I'm serious! Adopt if you just have to have a kid in your life.

  • You're 33 you have time, my mom met her current boyfriend at 42. Put yourself out their, no fish was caught away from the shore. Keep your head up!

  • Same here. I'm almost 40 and almost all of my friends are married and have families. It hurts so much. I wonder if I'm meant to be alone. I really want to be loved though.

  • You will be loved. I promise.

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