Single moms

I been secretly using a singlemom for s** for the last year. I plan on dumping her on her birthday

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  • You are garbage. I hope she gave you a hard kick in the nuts, to the point where they became permanently lodged in your throat, after which they swelled, cut off your wind pipe, and you died a slow, painful death.

  • I can only guess you were trying to p*** people off with that short post.

    But if your post is genuine, you really do sound like a s*** heel. Do you really care nothing at all for this woman? Do you care for anyone at all other than yourself?
    Perhaps she has already figured out what a dipstick you are and she won't be the least bit upset when you break up. Maybe she was just using you for s** as well and is ready to dump your sorry ass also.

  • Die u scum bag,

  • I hope you die in pain for days, that's better.

  • I hope you die, a******

  • oh, f*** yeah....theres nothing nastier than a desperate b**** with rugrats to feed.......they will do anything you want.....anything

  • I wish the OP would tell us more about what he's done with these other women besides the one he first wrote about. Plus, maybe that would stop these idiots from spamming this very sexy and exciting post.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • I still LOVE what you did to that girl. Have you done this with any other women since this first one? Please tell.......

  • .^^same here^^. .^^i hope you still been hammering them this same way^^.

  • UR H***

  • Bend over, B****!

  • Christ.....I would say this is like a middle-school group conversation, but that would be an incredible insult to middle-schoolers: they're all smarter and they're all better spellers. You're all morons.

  • Stfu you redneck inbred dicksucking probably failed

  • The fat ugly redneck jellyroll is still here...stuck on stupid...and desperately trying with her failed attempts. Carry on fatso lol

  • F*****.

  • Stop talking about your dad bitchboy

  • yes hes a f*****. and a s*** eater.

  • Actually your mom and your borther are f*** just like you,,you probably suck their d**** every nite...f**

  • Sorry to be the grammar n*** now, but it's morther.

  • U.R. H***.

  • The only mother you've been s******* is the one who gave birth to you.

  • I think your confused fatso. Being that your mother was a s***..she got forcefully g********* by a bunch. of muslim dudes. Out of the 30 guys that reamed her,there's no telling who your dad is. Apparently you were not a planned pregnancy lol

  • Lol more like 'aborted.' Tell me, you a coathanger baby, OP?

  • No I think your confused...the coathanger thing was what you did with your last to be you lol

  • You don't even know how to spell. That tiny little hole in the top of your head is where she poked you with a coathanger when you were just an unwanted fetus in her curdled s*****.

  • Awww the poor lonely fat redneck is still here desperately trying. I bet your kid probable gets bullied in school huh.lemme guess...your kid is fat, overweight with glasses, and looks like a geeky nerd. It's no wonder your ex left you..since your extra baggage of a kid looks like some lame reject. Makes me wanna beat the living crap outa your ex considering the fact that he didn't make you swallow that night. In his mind I bet he thinks your kid is a mistake. Anyways I'm sure he moved on to something better lol

  • Lol I bet this is the most attention this fat chic ever got in her life. I doubt any dude would even give her the time of day in real life..that's why she keeps coming back like an infested maggot desperately trying harder each time lmao

  • Alright guys stop cyberbullying this poor fat redneck lady. Bad enough her husband left her and her rejected failure of kids for another woman. Rubbing all these harsh comments on her face is only makin it worse for her....and we wouldn't want her mispelling anymore simple words. Oh wait I take that back, carry on guys lmao

  • It's really embarrassing and self-defeating when you criticize someone else's spelling and use words that aren't spelled correctly. It's "misspelling", nimrod.

  • Lol This coming from an illiterate r***** using a weak ass word. nimrod? what is that some kind of redneck slang word?

  • If you don't know a word, they have this thing called a "dictionary" that's helpful to people like you. I know you aren't familiar with the concept and don't own one, and it seems likely that you couldn't use it even if you did, but really, they're exactly the ticket for "imbeciles" like you. (Go look it up.)

  • Now that this sad saga is over, if there is one thing I'm going to truly miss, the OP's overuse of "Ummmm." It makes him sound a bit less like a belligerent d**** j****** dipwad with trust issues and a pussified inferiority complex, and a lot more like a buck-tooth yokel nimrod with his finger stuck in his bellybutton. Yee-HAW, slick!

  • Awww poor miss buck tooth yeehaw redneck s*** is p***** because the saga is over..shut up you ugly fat redneck filth. shouldn't you be nursing your shitstained piglets with your saggy udders? lol

  • Actually she's p***** because no dude is gonna give her and her piglets the time of day. her ex probably left her fat ass for a better lookin chic..a single chic with no kids...can you blame him? now the rejected redneck s*** is stuck with the to be her lol

  • Lol It's not over yet dumbass ho. It's just getting started. BTW you sound like sum illiterate redneck r***** that lives in the dark ages. Buck tooth? yeehaw? it sounds like you just describes your own kind. I bet your probably sum disgruntled redneck lonely singlemom living somewhere in the backwoods of oklahoma with 4 kids? shouldn't you be rounding up the little piglets to suck on the cows udders for sum milk?lmao

  • OP likes his women with stretch marks and coochies as poofy as a wizard's sleeve. Your wit's as limp as your shriveled stubby shimp d***. How can you go on the net, where you can pretend to be anybody, and still do no better than be such a wimp? Yours is a special kind of stupid that requres training wheels and a helmet before you post.

  • What the fuc is a shimp and a wit? it's hard to take you illiterate rednecks seriously when you can't even spell for s***. time to come outa the backwoods and face reality fattie. you right about 1 thing, YOU definitely need some training wheels and a helmet...I'll even get 1 for your little gerbil to lmao

  • So, do you use your inability to understand three letter words when you try to pick up single moms? Next time you date a single mom, do yourself a favor and borrow her kid's hooked on phonics. Boy, making fun of you is easy! You got no backbone, so you might want to take some of junior's Flinstones vitamins while you're at it, you Yabba-Dabba Dumbass. I see why you prey on vulnerable women and then blindside them, and it's not just 'cause you like to dip your shrimp d*** (use a dictionary, fool) where other men have been, but really it's because you're such a wimp, in a fair fight you can't hold your own. You don't even know I keep slapping you down. Best you can do is regurgitate what I already say. You're nothing but a pansy. Go ahead and write back. I'll keep making fun of you, and we'll all keep laughing at you.

  • Your not making fun of anybody fattie cause you obviously butthurt about singlemoms being played. it's ok you can be honest. and we'll all keep laughing? who is we? all I see is 1 whining redneck fattie getting offended and asshurt over this confession. the guy already used, played, and dumped the poor closed. you getting all pissy over this aint helping. it's ok, you can come outa your cave now, life will still go on lol

  • While you're looking up such complicated words in the dictionary like "wit" and "shrimp" and "we," and big words you don't understand like "illiterate," try looking up "obvious," as well. I haven't defended anyone. I'm here for one purpose, and that's to make fun of you. You're a sad, petty little man with no control or power and it makes you so bitter and pissy. I like that. I like making fun of that. Too bad for you, wimpy boy. When you going to come back with something good? This is like boxing with a kid who has Down's Syndrome.

  • Allow me to correct you Miss redneck's shimp, at least according to your vocabulary right? Really it's hard to take you serious considering your lack of spelling. H*** look at you, still here trying with your desperate attempts. You are an illiterate cumstain that keeps repeating herself. Bitter and pissy would best describe you after your ex left your ugly ass for a better woman. I'm guessing he was dissapointed with the little piglets that you gave him. Or maybe your kids were the ones that had down syndrome so thats another reason why he I bet you probably got bullied by other kids back in grade school huh? and lemme guess, your little piglets are probably being bullied to, just like you. Anyways while your here sitting on your fat cottage cheese saggy ass and pounding that keyboard with those fat puffy fingers of yours, I'm literally having fun working on my next victim, another worthless singlemom. I bet deep down it must really eat you up how us dudes play you sorry desperate lonely women like puppetts huh.. anyways Im about to meet up with this s*** and in the mean time, keep pounding away at that keyboard of yours with your fat puffy fingers. Here's a little advice, stop trolling these confession posts with your desperate attempts cause it's not working out for you. Your comments are only showing more of how much offended and asshurt you are. but it's all good becuase I have a gift for making weakminded cowards like you feel that way over a simple keep it coming redneck

  • I didn't read your yapping... too long. But I'll point out just one thing: You haven't said Ummmm all week. That's how I own you, slick. Wimp.

  • This coming from the same fat redneck that says the word wimp in every lame and what a weak word. Aren't those fat puffy fingers getting tired of typing the same word over, and over, and over. Actually the only person that got owned is you, the second you made that first reply. Not only did this post get your attention, but you also got asshurt and offended by it. And look at you now, still here huffing and puffing like a desperate wannabe level 1 troll. How does it feel to be a weak puppett dangling on strings. You skipping to my rhythm now fattie...question is you ready to jump? lol

  • You have my permission to use Ummmm again, btw. Like the owned t*** you are. Good dog.

  • Lol Your replys are getting weak redneck fattie..sounds like you about to give up

  • That's quite an obsession for fatties you got going on there. Good for you. It's rare to see a guy be so brave about their preferences, no matter how much everyone else laughs at him for chubby chasing.

  • Funny I never said I had an obsession for fat rednecks..learn some comprehension skills illiterate little trollop..and who's laughing? all I see is guys making fun of you and your b**** rants..try again lol

  • "You use big words I don't understand. You must be illiterate!" You ought to be playing a banjo while you say that, hillbilly.

  • Is that what you told your dad right before he shoved a d**** up your cottage cheese ass and molested you? lmao

  • Dude stop feeding the cowardly disgruntled redneck troll. I wanna see if she actually has a backbone to come down to the casino. but Im willing to bet a million bucks that she'snothing more than a spineless fake coward sitting behind a keyboard lol

  • Lol your comebacks are getting weak old redneck lady. you couldn't even make fun of a 3 year old kid. least you actually had enough brains to spell shrimp right. I prey on vulnerable women cause they are weak, easy to lay, and they are naive. you still p***** cause nobody wants you and your extra baggage? boohoohoo... actually in a fair fight I could easily hold my own..after I beat down your wimpy ex and your dad..then maybe I'll smack your ugly redneck illiterate ass around like a ragdoll...then last but not least...make you squeal like a pig..ha ha. I laugh at wanna be butthurt trolls like you..sitting in the comfort of their own home typing away like a wannabe keyboard commando. whats a matter redneck s***, did your poor ex leave you and the little piglets for another woman? don't worry maybe 1 day if you worthy enough, I might make you a potential victim of my game but until then your fat lifeless body will be gasping for air just to get a guys attention. Oh and since you wanna talk about a fair fight, come down to the stratosphere casino , since Im there every friday nights at 7 pm. let's see if your just all talk or just some cowardly disgruntled woman that only pounds away at the keyboard. And I don't give a s*** if your a woman, I still smack your ugly carcass around like a puppett. and don't forget tobing your little piglets to lol

  • Lmao Im picturing this redneck fattie sitting in front of the keyboard typing away like a angry disgruntled coward while her little gerbils are suckin away on her saggy udders...ewwww... BTW I just found a pic of her fat saggy udders..LMAO

  • You like to picture fatties in your mind? Oohh...kayy...

  • Yeah normal lookin fatties...not ugly redneck jellyrolls like you.

  • Lol chubby chaser

  • Stfu r*****

  • It's funny how this fat redneck chic talks about hooked on phonics, but yet she can't even spell 1 simple is A SHIMP Somebody tie this fatties tubes before she breeds again. we can't have more illiterate retarded redneck kids running around lmao

  • Some people are smart enough to look up a word in the dictionary. Some people are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. But then, Jim-Bob here is so inbred he just had to go and ask what a shimp is. Well I found it, and the definition suits you liek the slap upside your head you so sorely need.

    "SHIMP: a big headed tall person with big goofy ears and looks mentally handicapped"

    Check out how they used it in a sentence: "Damn shimp is a big p****." Fits you to a T, Jim-Bob. Go back to your trailer and s**** your ignorant-ass mother some more, dipstick.

  • Aww poor redneck fatso is still obviously need a dictionary cause it shows how illiterate and brain dead you just proved my point lol. I bet your whole family is a bunch of illiterate shitstains that can't spell or read. the word shimp doesn't exist r*****..unless it's in your redneck illiterate dictionary lol. And what the f*** is LIEK? ha ha...more proof that your illiterate shitstain of a brain can't spell. your digging a deeper hole fatso and your desperation is only showing more..but at the same time your weak comebacks is only adding to your depserate attempts. Imsure if I give you enough rope you'll eventually hang yourself like sum fat jellyroll swinging on a vine..but I'd rather keep smacking you around like the worthless ragdoll puppett you are. it's ashame your redneck filth diseased h*** of a mom didn't swallow that night. as for the word dipstick, don't you mean d******? so weak lol

  • You prefer to be called d****** over dipstick? I meant dipstick but if the shoe fits.... oh you're some stupid white trash hick so you probably wear newspapers on your feet, but you're a d****** either way.

  • Nah, was just helping you out since your insults are getting weaker and weaker..your getting old

  • You wrote Puppett. Ashame is two words, as in "a shame" It's supposed to be "I'm sure," "you're" instead of "you are," and you don't even know how to spell "w****." F****** moron.

  • This coming from the same r***** that can't even spell BTW ashame is 1 word..retarded illiterate..oooo you just got owned fattie

  • Don't all singlemoms have stretch marks? whats a matter redneck s***, you p***** because you didn't get chosen? aww poor you. and stubby shimp d***? don't confuse me with your bf's d***. whats a matter now little girl, you worried about people goin on the net and pretending to be who they want? careful now, your serious side is showing ha ha. the only wimp here is your precious kid, you know the 1 I smacked around like a little b**** while you were playing with your bf's stubby shimp d***. BTW I got your training wheels and helmet right here fattie...oh and don't worry, I'll make those straps tight so they don't come off..ha ha

  • You like sloppy seconds. That's pretty disgusting.

  • LOL!!!

  • YOU are the w****, not the singlemoms. YOU.

  • No the w**** is that fat ugly redneck lady at the top that keeps whining like a little crybaby because she can't handle the fact that singlemoms are being played like pure s** objects

  • Men can't be labeled as whores dumbass...only women can

  • Men certainly CAN be labeled as whores, and they are, and they should be. Dumbass! D*******!!

  • Shut up filth

  • Alright....yesterday (September 13) was her tell us what happened!!!

  • I dumped her sorry ass on that exact day, as planned. You should have seen the tears running down her face lol.It's like as if she got traumatized by something but oh well, she's history now. Im already working on my next victim as we speak...this s*** has 2 kids and she'll definitely be easier than the last one lol

  • I really love what your doing with these whores because it's exactly what all of them need.....being abused and then tossed to the side and left with the garbage.

  • i hate all single mothers and i am glad you are doing this to them. they are just whores and their status proves it so i think its right to be treating them this way, exactly like they live.

  • What the h*** is wrong with you. You do realize that these "whores" have to have HELP to end up with their kids right? Help in the form of equally lusty men? Oh but I forgot, they can't be whores because... reasons? I hate kids too and I'd never get with a woman with kids but jesus christ, can we not hate on people for enjoying s**. Babies aren't a punishment for liking s**. Just a punishment for being stupid enough to f*** without BC.

  • What did you tell her? I mean did you just say it was over, or did you ridicule her? Was it in someplace public, like a restaurant where she would be embarrassed? Did you do it in front of her kid?

  • I did it in a restaurant with her kid. I told her it was over and that I found sumone else...she cried like a b**** lol

  • That's terrible. I understand not dating someone because they have baggage in the form of a kid, but sheesh. I hope I never try to date a heartless a****** like you and I don't even have kids. [I'd call you a monster but monsters are worthy of respect, unlike yourself.]

  • L****! I love it! I love the fact that you told her on her birthday that you had been doing somebody else who was better than her and you were trading up!!!! But the best part is doing it in front of the kid! Priceless!!! F****** Love It!!!!!


  • Ok you guys are useless worthless whores with xtra baggage..sounds good now?

  • Ok you guys are useless whores then

  • w****!

  • why are all these guys so mean about single mothers??? i thought we were pretty good people and i never knew how much men hate us and how hard they try to use us for whores. it makes me really sad.

  • Because we don't like the idea of bloodsuckin leeches like you living off the system

  • We are not leeches even a little and we so do not live off the system. We work hard and raise our children ........ children that were left behind by gutless self-centered p***** like you and my ex-husbands. All of you are the same and you need to stop saying that single mothers are bad people. We take care of the children you leave behind. So mean.

  • Or maybe the guys leave the women because they could be crackheads on meth, or maybe they just a lousy mother. either way don't blame the's your fault for pickin him. you decided to spread your legs for him...all bad judgement on your part. or maybe you just suck as a woman choosing which guy is good for you. now stfu and deal with it.

  • It is not us! It is the guys fault entirely! Cos they are all like you........a*******!!!! I know what I am talking about.......I married two of them and now I hate them both and they are both a*******. The third I just lived with but he was an a****** too, even worse than the other two.

  • Doesn't matter, who picked them? the fact that you already have 2 failed marriages definitely tells me you have poor judgement and taste in choosing men. maybe your bbetter off being with a woman

  • I'M NOT A LESBIAN! You are so stupid! I love d**** too much to ever go girl, but I won't ever go with somebody like you anymore.

  • Im sure you luv c** to huh

  • Every woman loves to c**, moron, and I love to c** more than most of them. Who doesn't love to c**? But I wouldn't care how big your d*** is or how thick it is or how much c** it spews out or how long you last on a woman or how many o****** you gave, I wouldn't go with you because you're so f****** mean. For role-playing I guess meanness can be pretty sexy but not for real, and not all the time. I just would not get on you no matter how sexy you were.

  • I don't know what everybody is so offended about. Everybody knows that single mothers are all filthy whores who no man wants to be with permanently. What's the problem with treating them this way? They all deserve it. No exceptions. F*** her. Dump her. Humiliate her. Destroy her.

  • does this benefit YOU?

  • Umm what do you mean how it benefits me? using her for s** is already satisfying me for my own personal pleasure...nuff said.

  • There are plenty of people you could "use for s**" with some amount of honesty and without intentionally and painfully dumping her on her birthday. That only hurts her and does nothing for you. And lest you forget.........there is a child involved. You are a psychopath. And you're human filth. With any luck, on the day you dump her, she'll laugh in your face and tell you she's given you an STD. FOR LIFE!

  • Shut up c***. watching her get hurt only gives me more pleasure. her child is only extra baggage. and btw I use protection. o try

  • You really enjoy seeing a woman cry who cared about you and maybe even fell in love with you (by mistake)? That is just super cruel. And you should care about her child when you think about this and doing it! If the mom is upset the child will be affected and maybe the child likes you too! There is already too much hate and sadness in the world. Please, please, please, please, please, please don't do this! Think about what you are doing and then DON'T DO IT! PLEASE!!

  • Lol why would I give a s*** about her children...they are just xtra baggage

  • LOL!! I love the treatment of her snot-nose s***-ass kids. Give them all a m************ lesson.

  • That is just cruel and mean. your a f****** caveman.

  • Sorry but I dont see it that way

  • thats bcuz you cant see passed your own stupidity

  • Umm what stupidity , idiot.

  • this is some heartless s*** here

  • when is her birthday.......let us know when this happens......

  • Single mothers are the nastiest b****** alive. They never say no to anything because they can't afford to say no: they have to take whatever you give them. Sad for them but good for us. F*** her and kick her ass to the curb.

  • I agree with you. Wear the b**** out, use her up, and then dump her.

  • Oh yeah, I been using her like the personal cumdumpster she is. BTW her birthday is on september 13...right around the corner...and I can't wait...ha ha

  • Aw h*** yeah! Fill that s*** all three holes....and then dump her nasty ass! Along with her kid.

  • ditto!! ruin her!!

  • She is a Single Mother ..It doesn't matter , just use her Up . The Great thing about Single Mothers is its easy to get a Night Off on your Own and have a Few " Runners " .

    Just get rid of her when its Right for You ..But MAX it out first , then just dissappear ..Just formalise it when your 2 nd Babe Insists . I like the suggestion that you just do it Via Text ..Then just get on with life , these Single Mothers are desperate , when when they try and Claim Otherwise .

  • your as bad as the op

  • This -- assuming it's real and that it ultimately occurs -- is an act of pointless cruelty, a relationship-equivalent to torturing pets. You are taking an act of love (by her) and converting and perverting into an act of hate (by you), and there is absolutely no big-picture purpose to it nor any excuse for it. You are garbage, and this evil will certainly, totally and completely come back on you, whether or not you believe in things like karma.

  • Shut up c***...this is an act of pleasure

  • okay so I married this hot nasty vietnamese chick with 2 kids about 9 years ago and then less than 6 months later i found out she only married me for US residency and to provide for her kids. she was dating this broke-ass black guy and she had been f****** him the whole time we were dating and then the whole time we were married. so in effect i was supporting her, the kids and her black boyfriend. soon as i had proof i dumped her and her kids on their ass and told her to get her boyfriend to take care of all of them. so you can see i hate single mothers even more than you and i hope they all get dumped on their birthday or Christmas or valentines. whores. thats all they are is whores. you need to really humiliate this b**** your dating. i love it because its the treatment that all singlemoms deserve. whores!!

  • A******. She is a human being, and she deserves to be treated like one. You're heartless and selfish and a p****. Not a good combination. This evil will come back to you one day.

  • Shut your p******** s***...cause your

  • You would NEVER get with a single mother like me and like most single moms because you are trash. T-R-A-S-H! And you'll never be anything more than that. Shame!

  • I think your confused singlemoms are the real trash. And after I dump this one...thats exactly where she's gonna the dumpster with the rest of the

  • We are NOT trash! We are women who love our children. And who love our men for as long they allow it, but men are such morons that they don't know how to accept love or even recognize it when they see it in their faces! What you're doing is wrong. Just WRONG! And you will pay.

  • Umm what whores will alwayys put your kids first. and thats why guys wont date women like

  • Your an idiot. We can't be "whores" if we "always put our kids first"; those things are mutually exclusive. That's why guys like you can't get dates with women like us. L-O-S-E-R.

  • Lol why would we wanna date used up furniture like you..thats why we only use your desperate a**** for s**..duuuh

  • Using another human being for anything, including s**, is an awful thing to do, and an awful thing to admit. The only thing worse is being proud of doing it. You are such filth, and you are what gives men a bad name among lots of women and girls. You should be ashamed. I know you won't be, but you SHOULD be. I hope this woman laughs in your ugly face when you try to dump her.

  • How is it an awful thing s***? everybody in this day and age gets's an everyday deal with it.

  • aw you poor f*****' baby.....did mommy use you? or was it daddy? whatever it f*****' deserved it!!

  • Umm deserved what..what are you talkin about dumbass..your not makin sense...dont get all asshurt because Im getting more p**** than your sorry ass lol

  • R*****....I'm a woman. I'm not trying to get p****. And now you aren't getting any either. Moron.

  • Lol Im getting sum right now s***

  • Really? And you decided to take a break from your recreational s** to check responses to your posts and do a little recreational typing? You aren't GETTING p****: you ARE one, you pitiful HIV-positive f*****. Get the d*** out of your ass, go get a shotgun, and blow your brains out. Although, honestly, you could do that job with a bb-gun. R-E-T-A-R-D.

  • Lol so now you concerned about me taking a break? instead of stalking others comments why dont you go lick your dad;s ass like the worthless s*** you are. I got your d*** right here, butthurt s***..come and get it.

  • Drop that s*** like it's hot. You don't want to deal with a dependent. Nor a needy mom who will expect your whole world to revolve around her stupid kid. On her birthday is kind of cruel though, don't you think?

  • I agree: it's totally insensitive and inhuman. The guy needs to grow up, and recognize that karma will return the favor.

  • I'm sure your the one being used.... As any single Mother will not bank on any one mans sry ass... Get a life you don't have no S on that chest!

  • Lol fucin r*****...umm after I bang their a**** then I dump them so assumption of me being used is invalid. Desperate single moms will bank on anything just to make ends meet. Stfu and go play with your d****..and you get a life.

  • You are sooooo right. A single mother will totally latch onto anything and buy any story. I'm glad you're doing this.

  • Hahaha posts deleted!

  • Yeah mostly the fake ass spam posts

  • Actually........a LOT of others were deleted, too, especially from this original thread. And that's a shame because some of those were valid and relevant.

  • Thats no Problem at all ..Its Fair Game . As you are going to Dump her on her birthday , I suggest a good idea is a good Birthday " Empty " first ...Then when Home , break up via a Text Message .

  • Nothing Wrong with that ..Just Use her will you can and see what happened . Maybe give her a Birthday Bonk , then tell her you are finished Via Text .

  • ur a very sick f***

  • Don't dump her,she might become a full blown alcoholic,naw,dump her,she has it coming to her.

  • LOL!! So true!!!

  • L****. They are really a useful bunch of c****, aren't they? I mean, when there aren't any GOOD women available.

  • Hilarious. Really please let us know how you go about doing this. We want to hear.

  • she sound like a b****. i think she got it coming.

  • LOL! I love it! Single mothers are the most gullible b****** in the world, no matter where you find them. It's because they are so desperate and needy, emotionally and physically and financially. Luckily, that desperation also makes them the easiest and best f**** in the world, and the most submissive. I think it's fabulous that you're going to end it on her birthday, I really do. But let me offer and recommend a little twist, if I may. F*** her first, then dump her, and then "allow" her to beg you to stay -- really drag it out until she's crying and everything -- and then agree to stay. Then, f*** her again, really hard this time ("oooh, baby, this is the best make-up s** ever"), and do really filthy and degrading s*** to her, then dump her nasty ass again. Then, go home and call one of her single-mother friends and start a relationship with HER, explaining that the first girl just dumped you, and you "just don't want to be alone". I really love what you're doing with this girl.

  • She may be using you. I use several stupid people for s**.

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