im trying to think of a creative way to

im trying to think of a creative way to slip my roommate ecstasy.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Why do you want to slip your roommate x, are you trying to get laid???

  • No if you duct tape someone down and force feed them acid it will make for a really bad bad trip for the person and a f***** s***** night for you. Do the ex, and just put it in some water or pop or something. LOL there's a couple people I would like to do that to just so that when they go on one of their preachy ass rants about drugs and how they've never done them but they know "drugs are so dangerous" then I could just smile to myself and think of what a f****** idiot they are

  • Ducktape your roommate to a chair, force open his or her eyes and put tabs of acid in them.
    That'll make for a interesting night..

  • dude please don't actually do this. besides the illegality and the fact that your roommate can get seriously f***** up, it's a waste of $5-15. just move out.

  • You people who are advocating this person making another person take drugs are sick f****! If he/she wanted to take ecstasy they would.

  • OH Man, I've thought of this so many times when I lived with a judgmental prude. Except I figured acid would be better...and easier!

    P.S. When crushed, any pill can be mixed to be almost tasteless, given enough liquid/mixable substance.

  • Why not just put Nair (or other hair removal substance) in their shampoo bottle?

  • Hahaha! Go to jail and do not pass go! That's so clever...
    About the ecstasy though that's pretty funny. Why do you wanna do it though? You better get his reaction on youtube.

  • I'm sorry, but thats hilarious.
    After reading this, I sat and thought of SEVERAL ways that you could slip them ecstasy.

  • Not cool. if you don't like your roommate that much, then find a new one.

  • If I was your roommate, I would be finding a creative way to kick you out.

  • Go to ,jail and do not pass go.

  • why?

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