What is it with people and drama? Why

What is it with people and drama? Why does everyone think life is not complete unless they are fighting with someone? I have a NO DRAMA policy. If you start s*** with me over something stupid I will NEVER speak to you again-NEVER. I'll have your back til the end- but the minute you try some stupid s***- goodbye! Then people get all upset and act like YOU'RE the b****. But every time you try to deal with them they start bringing in some 'game'. Nobody asked me to play! I'm not down for wasting what little time and precious energy I have on DRAMA. If that's what YOU want to do- FINE. But take it somewhere else. Knowing me does NOT entitle you to dump your s*** in my lap. I don't walk through your house with doo doo on my shoes now do I? NO. So stop acting all hurt just because YOU screwed up. If you've got time to play games, good for you. But I don't- and for you to expect ME to feel bad just because I'm not 'playing my part' in your stupid drama with you as the star of the show...well, get over it. I've got things to do with my life. Go hold auditions down at the mall or something. I haven't got time to play. That goes for my mother, my relatives, my exes and every other idiot in my life who have had the door slammed in their face because of their bullshit. I apologize for NOTHING- some of us want MORE out of life than to pretend were on some stupid Spanish soap opera. AND I don't want my kids perpetuating your dumbass Jerry Springer behavior 20 years down the road.

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  • Such a dramatic piece

  • So, ahhh... wanna have dinner some time?

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See, this is why I have no more friends (that are girls)

  • See, this is why I have no more friends (that are girls)

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes i totally agree, it makes me so depressed when ppl are like that i hate how ppl have to start something over nothing it annoys me so much, its just like shutup, ur so hard to deal with.

  • I agree completely
    Basically i say, do what you love f*** the rest..
    I still talk to people after they attempt drama,
    i just refuse to deal with their drama.

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