I want my mother in law so bad

I really want my mother-in-law Jill she is so sexy and she looks at me sometimes like she really wants it too. I want to come deep inside her and make her o***** like she never has.. I know she wants me too...she is so sexy..i have wanted her for along time now, I almost tried my luck a few weeks ago when she was washing up...I was so hard just looking at her there...and walked up behind her with my c*** out solid...it just slipped under her skirt and pressed her arsehole ....she glanced around at me as I slipped it away real quick...and just smiled at me. God I wished id been brave and just gone for it. O gary she said...

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  • Iv always lusted after my mother in law and two years ago we were at a family members wedding she had way to much to drink and she started flirting with me .I m 27yrs old 6ft 9inches tall 250lbs . my mother in law is 57yrs old 5ft 4inches 130 lbs she's in good shape she looks like she's in her 40's. She actually has a better body than my wife. my wife ask me if I would take her aunt and
    her mother back to their hotel rooms so I did . dropped off her aunt at her room and then showed my mother in law to her room she wasn't as drunk as I thought she was because as soon as we dropped off her sister at her room she started flirting again rubbing my arms and chest asking me if I thought she was attractive for her age.she is very attractive and she knows it. And she was turning me on.when we arrived at her room .she asked me to stay awhile .I told her I'd better go she put her finger on my lipps and slid her finger down my chest down my stomach and to my crotch .grabbed my crotch and pulled me into the room.she dropped her dress and crawled on top of me she smelled so good .her body was way nicer than my wife's .she took off my clothes I reached down and ripped off her panties .she was like a feather she weighed nothing about 120lbs less than my wife .we fvcked hard for about hour .she fvcked a h*** of a lot better than her daughter.we went home the following day sunday and I saw her on Tuesday her arms and leggs were all bruised .she followed me into the kitchen and and handed me the panties I ripped off her and told me "anytime you want to ripp some panties let me know"".

  • We went to the in laws last summer and had a day dipping in the pool, my wife's mum came out in her bikini and I got the most ridged b**** in think I've ever had, I think I was spotted ogling at her and she made certain I got a good view of her bending over, I nearly came in my Trunks. I got caught with my still rock hard b**** by my wife who cottoned on why I was so excited. It's caused some big rows since. I even had a wet dream over her, she so hot I cants stop thinking of her.

  • It seems like a lot of fun now, but believe me: this will end badly. VERY badly.

  • Admin I've just realised that I've put our names in my confession which was probably the silliest thing to do... any chance of rubbing the names out.... just in case my wife goes on here to leave a confession herself lol

  • ...be careful, dude....... i had a really hot affair with my first wifes mother.......wound up blowing up both marriages and both families. and after the dust settled the ex-mother-in-law wouldnt even talk to me anymore....blamed me for the whole fucken thing......even though the affair was her idea to start with...... dont get me wrong.....i wanted that nasty ass of hers....and i would of married her after the explosions..........even proposed to her four different times................but it would of never happened in the beginning if she hadnt come on to me on new year eve party.....damn i miss that filthy old b**** and that drippen puss of hers......still love her......

  • Why are you l****** on your mother-in-law when you have a younger, prettier model of her, your wife? And do you think that it would be fair to your spouse if she were to find out your desires or one day catch you two having s**? Think ahead and nix this idea.

  • It's gone too far for either of them to stop it now. They both want each other. They are both consenting adults. All's fair in love. Making love to this woman is inevitable. He should go get that ass now!

  • Same here. Most of the time when I'm f****** my wife, I close my eyes and imagine it's her mother I'm banging.

  • Looks like you're "in", so to speak. I say go for it!

  • My mother-in-law drives me INSANE with desire, but she won't give me any.

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