Get it out of my system

Im 24 male i have a wife been together happily for four years you could say almost perfect relationship we have a 2yo daughter together but here lately i been having an urge to sleep with other girls kinda like its in my system and i need to get it out my wife is cute sexy great body very attractive we have regular s** but idk why i have this sudden urge to want to just rail another girl ive never cheated or had the urge to but for some reason here this last month i dont eaven know if i could trust myself alone with anether girl i really do love my wife and can see my whole life with her i just wish i could just sleep with anether girl and get it out of my system and off my mind with out chancing losing my wife and messing our life up what do i do how can i fix it and make the urge go away

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  • Al men are lik this

  • Try role playing or ask your wife, if she'd be interested in a threesome, with another woman.
    I'm in a loving relationship of seven and a half years.I want to explore my sexuality with a woman.So I asked my partner if he's interested in,having a threesome with another woman, he was cool with it :) However I'm aware, not everyone would be. Ask your wife, if she'd like to f*** another guy.If she's cool with it and you're as well, maybe have a foursome together. Try escort services or ask people you know,that are into swinging etc.

    Good luck!

  • Men dont crave what they already have.

  • Role play! Meet somewhere unusual, go to a hotel, f*** tell her to wear a wig! Having an affair WITH your spouse is surprisingly hot :)

  • I have to agree with a couple others who have listed comments here. No matter how fun it seems right now to f*** the most beautiful hottie in the world, it can just ruin your whole life. Once someone finds out (and they will find out), you're screwed. Your wife will leave you (unless she's VERY forgiving) and you will not have access to your kids much any more. I have done something like this -- not quite gone all the way -- but I tickled her p**** and her t*** -- just never got to going all the way. That was 8 years ago and my wife is still going through problems wondering if I still love her and if so, if I do the most. I can not tell you how much of a problem this will be. I also do still have quite a few moments or when I want to jump in bed with a hottie. There are three that are hard to keep my hands off. One is my second double cousin. She was pretty loose, especially in high school, but I wish I was just sucking her puss even right now. Another is a friend's sister. She is even hotter and I picture myself kissing her, sucking those soft huge b******. The most beautiful girl in the world is my wife's cousin from Iran. I constantly am looking at pictures of her and imagining me in bed with her. I want to have oral s** with her, too, and do everything in a nice sweet way. Having explained all that (and perhaps I shouldn't have), I would still rather stay faithful to my wife. Having been down that road, I don't ever want to sacrifice EVERYTHING. If I lost my little daughter, if she hated me for what I'd done all my life, I know I'd die. I just know it. Just turn your focus and energies elsewhere. Write a book, start a garden, start a stamp album. Doing it like this really seems to make me channel my energies down a better, more positive direction. It really works. Good luck and please follow us 3 who have experienced this. You will be so much happier. Don't take the risk of ruining your next 50 years for 5 minutes. Take care, be happy

  • Rule Number ONE! Never have a wife and a c**-s*** in the same town or county. Inevitably you will run into the c**-s*** while you are out with the wife and child and you will be screwed.

    Now, having been in your place or position,I can tell you based on my experience and training, that you will never have anything better than what you have at home as you can surely loose what you have there. I have lost my three children, four grandchildren and a good portion of my retirement. Basically, I lost everything....E V E R Y T H I N G. what are you willing to risk

  • Guys Need Multiples , this is quite Normal . Try a Couple of Others , just keep it a Secret and Nice and Casual . Then you always know you have your Wife at Home , you are only Young , so it important to " Sew your Wild Oats " ..Go do a couple of other Hotties .

  • Talk to your wife; see if she would be willing to role play or even just dress up slutty and maybe wear a wig, so you can pretend that she is someone else. It it too bad you are getting these urges so young. What will it be like when in another 10 yrs when your are bored with s** with your wife?

  • Lol dude welcome to life

  • Please don't mess up your kids life. There are too many dads out there who leave there families because who knows why. Ask your wife if she's willing I try different things in bed. Maybe more kinky stuff or different positions. And if you still feel the urges afterwords, tell her our problem and ask if she's willing to let you go to a w**** house. It sounds werid or awkward but more couples do it then you think. Just please let your kid have a mom and dad in their life.

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