A bit more adventurous.

I just turned 19 and have been going out with my BF for well over 6 months.He's 21 and hot as h***.The s** is pretty awesome but I just want to try more things.I mean we're at the stage were we should be doing more than just straight forward s**.I'm just not even sure if he's the kinda guy who likes experimenting.And I don't mean wierd s*** like pudding and s******* on each other.We haven't even had oral s** yet.I'd love to do it and recieve it.I'd try a*** too.I'd eat his c** to.And its crazy we don't even f*** without a condom,I wanna feel him bare in me,skin to skin and then c** inside me or finish over me.
But how do I get him interested in trying stuff if he's not that kinda guy.Or how do I bring it up and tell him I want to do this.
I'm not a s***.This is only my 2nd guy.With my 1st we were to young and had no experience.I could have been with an older guy,who's 28 and lives down my road.He asked me out but I said our age gap was too big.I wish I could of had a few months of fun with him just for the experience.
Well that's my rant.Hopefully people out there can give me advice on what to do or tips on how to get guys into stuff or tips on fun things to do.ANYTHING.

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    be careful that you want it though cause if you show him your kinky side that's all he is going to want

  • Concur...Talk to him; a come to Jesus meeting if you will, as he cannot read your mind, get a couple of p*** movies and when you see a scene that shows oral, gasp oh gawd I'd love to try that! Sit him in a chair at the end of the bed and tell him he can't move from the chair unless you call him. then strip and get on the bed and m********* right in front of him. After your first of many o******, tell him you want him to put his tongue on your hot dripping c*** and lick you dry. If he can't handle that then babydoll, drop that MF like a bad transmission and move on. Let us know how it goes. Good luck and good f******

  • TALK TO HIM! You have to get past your hesitation to talk to him about s**. This is part of being in a relationship. You can take it slow, but its not like you have mentioned anything kinky here. Tell him that you love having s** with him (guys love to hear that they are satisfying you) but that you think it would feel even better going bareback. He probably would love to do that too, but is concerned about you getting pregnant. You can reassure him that you are on the pill (or whatever birth control you use - but don't lie about this - be doing what you say you are). Once you get that settled, you will love the feeling of no condoms. Then its just a natural progression to the next step of oral s** - for both of you. But you can't expect anything to change it you don't tell him you want it too.

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