My husband can't satisfy me

I hadn't slept with anyone before I got married and now when my husband and I have s** he can't make me c**. He dries hard to please me but doesn't do enough. When I an away from him and we sext over the phone I can make myself c** but not the case when he is there. I met this other guy recently and I started an affair with him. He makes me come several times in one round. What must I do my husband is becoming frustrated and the other guy wants me to leave my husband and marry him?

Nov 9, 2013

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  • I know this post is several years old, so this comment is more for you reading it now. This is why you should always have s** with someone before you get married. "Save yourself for marriage" is all Bullshit. You would never buy a car without test driving it, so why would you get married before checking to see if the s** is any good. You can sit there and debate it and tell me about moral, but this woman is now s******* around, and how moral is that? Test drive before you buy, it's as simple as that.

  • This is like my story. I am the man who can't make his wife c**. I have had 9 lovers since I married her with both of us virgins. It killed me and left me without any confidence. I became a new man when my affairs told me how amazing s** with me is. I even got woman who have never orgasmed to c** multiple times. But I love my wife. Maybe my biggest wish is to please her. I wish I can please her so I dont need to find approval in the arms of others.

  • Keep the affair going with this other guy as you obviously love being f***** by him, but do you want to divorce your husband and marry this other guy ? That decision is yours alone, and I'm sure you will make the right one for you, you sound so very sexy, and I'm sure your lover likes f****** you and making you c**, and I think it will be a massive turn on for your lover knowing that you are a married woman, sooo sexy.

  • Go to a swingers club wirth ypur husband and let him see you have multiple c**** up your c***. You cand do the same with him f****** other sexy women. My husband has just watched me f***** by four men I was harnessed in a s** swing a bloke swung me back and forth onto his c*** and his wife was sucking my husbands c***, the bloke spunked and I agreed to let three more f*** me and had multiple o******, especialy when a woman f***** me with a strap on dilddo

  • Divorce your husband , for sure you do not give a s*** about him nor love him at all . There are many ways to have an o***** , and your husband does not even have to try . Divorce our husband and s**** your brains out, you are wasting your time with your husband , your nothing more than a trash w**** b**** , any man can make you c** , what about brains and love , your deserve to be hurt very badly , maybe raped cause your so damn ignorant.

  • You obviously love this other guys c*** inside you as he makes you c**, keep the affair going and if you want to leave your husband and marry him then do it ...your s** life will be great then.

  • You must stay married to your husband and tell him that the other guy is f****** you and he makes you c**, if your husband wants to divorce you then so be it, but he might like the idea of another guy satisfying you sexualy, I think it would be exciting for the both of you but continue your affair with this other guy, as a woman you deserve to be satisfied, you have to get good s** from someone ..the very best of luck to you.

  • If you don't have any kids, then I say go ahead and get a divorce (not that you shouldn't if you have kids, but that does make it more complicated). But get the divorce for yourself, not for your affair. This problem will only be worse for you as time goes on; you will resent your husband more and more over this issue. Get out now and avoid that unhappiness for years to come. If your affair is single then you can try dating him, but be aware that the s** with him may cool off. It won't have the excitement of affair s** anymore, and you will find that he has flaws like every other man. Even if the s** continues to be good, will you grow to love him and want to marry him? Or just keep him as a f*** buddy as you date others and find someone who you really connect with on more than just a sexual level. GL.

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