I just want to f***

Seriously! What does a girl have to do to get a good f***? Im not ugly! I just want to be with a f****** sexy guy, who doesn't ruin "it" by saying something stupid. A guy who knows how to handle a woman. I don't mean soft gentle caresses all the time either. I mean a good mix of soft slow kisses and touches mixed in with some biting, spanking, wrist grabbing, hair pulling, body twisting, throwing and just a good f***! Yes I'd like to know him and trust him, no we don't need to be dating or have a future together. The one guy I am interested in making this happen with does all the right things up to actually f******. The things he does with his tongue and fingers are magic! He knows exactly how to touch me and to grab me and to kiss me. So why won't he just finish it and f*** me!?!?!? I don't just want to c**. I am obviously okay with him eating me until I c** and I love making him c**, especially when he c*** on me but I need more. I need to feel him inside me, oh my goodness, I just want to feel him deep in side me between my legs and the weight of him on top of me. I want to smell him and feel him and taste him until there is nothing else. I want us to c** at the same time so I can feel him throb and my body can squeeze around him. Then and only then will I finally be satisfied and I don't think I have experienced that... ever. Why won't he just f*** me

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  • I think the thing is not be too demanding and not too giving, either. I like the idea of someone below of raping, or at least initiating it hahaha!

  • Most likely outcome is your rawhide c*** has dried out and its dead not your man.

  • Sounds like Your man has low testosterone level. I was there, my doc treated it and finally after five years, I'm f****** my lady like a wild man. Calling her my b****, grabbing and slapping her ass, pinning her down, pulling her hair, etc...all followed by amazing mutual o******. I actually amaze myself as I give it to her for hours. Tell him to get checked out.

  • Maybe you should make the first move and shove him down on the bed and start raping the h*** out of him. I would definitely love a girl to do that to me. I would bite, scratch, and f*** the h*** out of a kinky girl like that. Try raping him, that might work. If it doesn't move on to someone who can please you.

  • LMAO! You should know I have told him to f*** me, I have begged him to f*** me... he still hasn't so, moving on.

  • OK so just f*** him... start by going down on him. When he gets good and hard jump on his d*** and ride the h*** out of him hard deep and fast as you can.

  • Lol maybe cause he's not into rough or kinky s**?

  • He's into it just not that into me :) Oh well, NEXT!

  • Be a f****** woman and tell him what you want! Stop b******* & moaning in your head and speak your damn mind to him.

  • That's quite the assumption. I've told him very blatantly what I want on a couple different occasions prior to making my original post. Thanks for the advice though! It seems well thought out.

  • It just takes a little practice, but that's how my wife and I are. We've done it hundreds of times, but I am in her and we c** at the same time. It's definitely not impossible, so don't give up hope!

  • Lol not what I meant, thanks though

  • You haven't understood a thing moron

  • I don't know what's wrong with him but damn I will f*** the h*** out of you if u told me all that in person. dats might b wut u have to do. & all men arnt idiots lol jus sum. im not 1

  • As previously stated I've told him several times. :) Guess he's just not that into me, oh well.

  • You Are an idiot

  • I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. bahahahaha! I feel better. Thanks for the constructive criticism

  • Cuz men are idiots

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