Sister in law

That since my wife has gained weight that I am very attracted to my sister in law. She has a great body with very large b******. She and her husband have a pool so I am able to see her in a bathing suit. It really shows off her body. My wife does not know that I have saved pictures of her that I use to m********* with. I know it is wrong but it is so exciting.

Aug 15, 2013

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  • The b**** sounds hot. You need to start tappin' that nasty ass!!

  • Yep^^. Don't know what you're waiting for.....seems like she wants it.

  • go for it!

  • After the birth of our second child, my wife had to have a partial hysterectomy, and then had a lengthy and difficult recovery. Her sister came and stayed with us to help out, and I suppose you can tell where that went. We began an affair that lasted for several months, during which I fell in love with her sister, and with the s** we were having almost constantly. Unfortunately, when I told her I loved her and I wanted us to leave our spouses and get married, she immediately lost interest and ended the affair. I offer this experience just to say that you should be careful with pursuing this, and make sure that her sister feels something like you feel before you declare your interest in her.

  • I'm with this guy ^. Not the same thing but, i tried to get my wife's bestfriend to sleep with me, i only tried because i thought she wanted me, the way she acted the things she said. No, she didn't want me at all, and I'm getting divorced. I'm not saying you're thinking of making a move, but if you are... think about it, if you love your wife try to make things new or fresh in the bedroom, or try something to spark it up with your wife before you go and f*** things up

  • Totally right. TOTALLY! Same experience here, and he says it better than I can. Be very careful.

  • It's. Wrong, you made a vow to your wife, a vow that was
    based on your love of her inner beauty and not just
    her outer appearance. If you don't want her leave her there
    is no use staying with someone you don't want, right?
    But I know you'll regret it because no matter how much
    you fulfill you temptations will you ever feel complete, love when extracted the right way is a beautiful toxin
    that fills you and flows through your heart.

    Love feels and leaves you off better than temptation you may love your sister in laws body but think about this,
    do you deserve someone, are you that attractive, and is it worth it to loose the person who understands you. By the way, your sister in law could not like you, she may think your ugly so what's the point. KEEP TRYING TO LOVE YOUR WIFE IF YOU CANT YOUR NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH, BUT IF ALL FAILS AND YOU CANT LET GO OF TEMPTATION TELL HER, and stop.

  • It's wrong, you made vow to your wife, you are meant to love her for who she is not just her looks, if you don't want her, tell her, but once you leave her you'll. See how much you need her, love her and want her. Temptation isn't as powerful as love, and your sister in law could think little of you.

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