Sister just got so hot and I want her

I have never really noticed my sister in terms of being attractive or not, but recently I saw her in clothes that make the most of her body, and she got my blood pumping, her ass, her b******, her whole body, my mind was blown, and I had no choice but to go relieve myself. Now I am so desperate to see her naked and want advice?

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  • Leave her alone sickFUCK but since she is imaginary you can't touch her fat a$$. Just give it up all ready.

  • Ignore this ass, he reads incest stories, jerks off to them, and then gets nasty with the author's because he is jealous of you.^^^

  • FUCKyouCAVEMAN you are a moron and a sickFUCK

  • ^^^ He says as he is stroking his d*** getting all hot and bothered after reading this story over and over.

  • Caveman you are beyond sick and help hang yourself in the woods sickFUCK

  • And yet here you are again, with your d*** in hand!

  • Yeah, tell him caveman !

  • Shut up Ladyballs

  • It happens. It happened to me when I was going through puberty. Well, I never really found my older sister attractive, nor did I ever wish to sleep with her, I did however take notice of all her "Lady Parts" developing. Lucky for me I got to see her naked on more than one occasion.

    In being able to see her naked you are then left with two choices. Choice number one, Ask! I know what you are thinking, "Ask? Are you crazy?" You would actually be surprised how sisters out there actually allow their brothers to see them naked when asked. Especially if they are older sisters, they have been through puberty and know how much of a pain in the ass it was. Just basically say, "I am wondering what a woman looks like naked in real life, the internet is just not the same." Or something like that. Come on, the worst that she can say is No. Get her drunk and it makes asking the question easier! (Just kidding!)
    Choice number two, Spy! We live in the world of the future!!!!! Unlike me growing up in the 1980's, there is a whole bunch of micro cameras and spy things that take spying to a whole new level. In reality you should not do this, because it does violate her privacy and could land you into a whole heap of trouble... But if you think that it is worth the risk. There is spy cameras that are built into pens and spy cameras that are USB chargers, and you can get them for around $30 to $50.
    Your two choices, so choose wisely!

  • Tell her

  • What would that do?

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