New look

I love miley cyrus new hair style

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  • Me, too, I think her hair is fantastic. So unique and beautiful and original and attractive, just like her.

  • Yeah, MILEY!!!!!!!!!

  • she is so real and so honest and so unwilling to compromise herself or her music. she lets the world take her or leave her and she dont care which it is. she is who she is and thats that. she was always that way no matter what age she was at and now that shes older people just cant always handle it but she is so real. she was always my favorite musician and she always will be. her music pierces my heart and my soul and if i could be like her i would be.

  • Miley is the best!

  • I love the name of Miley so much now.if i have a daughter,she is going to be named Miley Cyrus,and etc,what ever my last name is,that is how much i love Miley.there is no other girl like Miley in the world.Ilove that she is a better singer.i would love to see her as a pink haired princess girl,what other girl am i talking about,i give you a hint about her.she was a pink haired princess girl on Gundam all know her and love her.i am sure that Miley loves her too.

  • Miley cyrus will foever be known as only Miley,just like cher or madonna,or marilyn.we hope she will never end up like Britney spears.or she will never end up like jamie lynn spears.we all hope she will not die young like marilyn monroe.we all hope she will always have a great music tour all over the world.she better not ever fake singing.or i will dump her from my fan log.we will all one day lose interest in Miley cyrus.It has happened before with britney will happen again.

  • i would hate to be her father.

  • That girl is a total beast and I love her completely.

  • I love her, too. She's the real deal, musically and as thing of beauty.

  • miley is going to be bigger and better than aretha, madonna, whitney, mariah, britney and katy. combined. shes already more beautiful and sexier.

  • i cant get enough of miley. she is so beautiful and her new video is the sexiest thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

  • I agree with you about that video.........I mean OMMFG!!!!!

  • yeh 'wrecking ball' is incredible.


  • That b**** at Vogue is crrrrrAAAzy for taking Miley off the cover of the magazine! I mean it's not like Vogue is some bastion of feminine perfection or whatever. It's stupid and hurtful what they did to Miley.

  • Anna Wintour is her name and she is going to regret that decision. Vogue is going to go out of business because of that.

  • miley rules

  • Miley is the Bombay!!!!

  • YESSSSS...............LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How could anybody NOT love that hair?? It's beautiful and unique and perfect.......just like her!

  • i love her hair too but i really love the way she work that ass

  • Its horrendous the way she is Carrying on at the Moment , You can Have Dignity and also be Sexy ..She is Not achieving either . Needs the Re visit the Image people ..Not doing herself any Favors .

  • .......^ditto^.......

  • At least she is not kristen stewart,i hate kristen stewart.

  • do i. kristen is such a b**** and a snob and such a horrible actres. u need to go on you tube and look for the vid of her 'acting lessons' or something like that. its too funny and you will love it!

  • Here's the link to the 'Kristen Stewart School of Acting' that the other girl was talking about. It is totally hilarious. Enjoy!

  • I totally love everything about Kristen Stewart. She is wonderful.

  • Someday day,kristen stewart is going to become kirstie ally,at one time,kirstie ally was the biggest actress of hollywood,but today,she is just a big heavy weight has been.that is the furture of kkristen stewart.but that will never happen to Miley cyrus.but it will happen to kristen stewart.the difference between kristen stewart and miley cyrus is.......Miley cyrus is a talented songtress,kristen stewart is not.who has a furture in hollywood.Miley cyrus does.kristen stewart will never have a furture in hollywood.

  • no that will not ever happen to kristen. she is so much smarter and more talented than miley or anybody else for that matter. miley could never of played bella or any other roll in those great movies. kristen is just so talented and so beautiful. she is going to be the best actress ever.

  • You're nuts. Kristen Stewart has already run her course, and she will quickly fade into obscurity. She'll be a has-been within a year, if she's not already there.

  • i vote for her hair too. love it!

  • I love miley cyrus,if she was a s*** or w****,i would pay her evry day for s**.

  • i would marry her in a heartbeat.

  • Ditto. Miley is amazing.

  • same here she is beautiful and talanted and so sexy and i love her

  • Read less, more TV.

    The motto of our SAD generation.


  • damn straight.....she's the sexiest hottest thing anywheres.

  • I swear . . . the older she gets the more she looks like a man.

  • i love it too and i love her!!

  • I never cared for the girl when she was on TV or after that but I really love her new look and her new hypersexuality. That skinny little tramp is beautiful and filthy all at the same time. Love it!

  • i use to love miley but now shes just a s****. i dont know what happened to her but it makes me sad.......

  • I love everything about Miley Cyrus.

  • Me, too. She is just so hot and fine now!!!!

  • She's gone from Disney princess to diseased street w**** in almost no time. Or wait......that's Britney Spears.

  • I agree with you: I really love her hair. But WTF is wrong with her tongue now????!? That is just GROSS!!!!

  • I wish she had cut her f****** head off.

  • For what it's worth . . . I like the hairstyle, but I don't think it looks good on HER. I understand your perspective, and I'm not saying you're wrong: I'm just saying I don't directly agree. Unlike most guys my age, though, I actually DO like her tattoos. More directly, I actually ADORE her tattoos. And I think she's sexy as all h***.

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