Nintendo will always be the king of games.

Nintendo will always be the king of games,ever since the year 1985.nintendo has always kept the 1970's and 1980's,and the 1990's generations really happy.unlike other game consoles.which has movies and CD's playing on them.nintendo games have always been all about only the nintendo matter what anybodys about about nintendo.nintendo will always be the king and emperor of games.Nintendo is king.repect the king of games.Nintendo.



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  • Amen my dear! nintendo will forever be the best. they're falling down on the job with consoles but they own the handheld market and they know it. and they have the best franchises. i hold no quarrel with the other gaming companies but they just cannot hold my interest! f*** call of duty and halo and every other shooty-gun-game. give me colors, not brown'n'bloom. pokemon and mario and zelda forever.

  • I want nintendo to bring back a nintendo console that can play all the old games from the nes,super nes,nintendo gameboy,N64,nintendo gamecube,and the gameboy advance sp.and return all old games to the market.will nintendo ever agree to these return all old games to the market.will you ever start buying all these old nintendo games.if they were on the market again.even if they were on the nintendo wii market.

  • You know about the virtual console, right?

  • Yes.but the wii point in My country are not for sale anymore.My country of Canada.

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