It's unbearable

Whenever my ex would come over all we ever did was s**...kind of. We would always be watching a movie and start making out. Then my hand wowould always find its way to her thigh. I would rub the area where her p**** is but she still had he clothes on. She.would.then place her.hand on my crotch and the making out.would intensify. I remember she kneck and unbuckled my pants and would slowly start sucking my c***. I still remember the feeling of her warm wet mouth and tongue sliding against my shaft and head. I sometimes m********* to the memory. I would start fingering her and made her o***** every time. But I would never c** when she sucked me. We tried s** but the condom ended up being too small and I had to get some.magnums. we broke up Almost a week later but I really wanna use it with this other girl. She and I have been friends for 3 years and all I ever think about is her.body and her beauty. I can't resist the thought of her and I pleasing each other for hours on end. I want her so bad. And it doesn't help that I've gotten so close to her that I can say I love her. Ain't high-school a b****...

Sep 3, 2013

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  • Go f*** her but forget condoms they are s...

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