Strange but gratifying

I have never told anyone about this, and this seems like a way to finally tell at least one person and hopefully allow me to put it to rest.

I am a 37 year old processional female that practices law in a major metropolitan U.S. city. I'm, Married with no children yet but hoping for one soon.

Last Aug 2012, my Sister in law asked if my Husband and I could join her and my Brother In Maui Hawaii to celebrate my Bro's 40th birthday which falls on Dec 2nd.
She had already invited a few mutual friends, a few of which had committed.
I was really excited about the trip as Scott (not his real name) is my only Bro, and it would be a great trip.
Before we could even research ticket prices, my husband told me he was out as he would be in N.Y. for a big conference and could not attend. He encouraged me to go, so we booked it.

Skipping ahead now...Day after Thanksgiving I fly to Maui. So beautiful...never had been.
My Sister in Law is so cool and my Bro is the best ever.
In total, there were 9 of us at a beautiful 5 star resort hotel.
We partied like rock stars. I was booked to return On Dec 7th as was Scott. My Sis -in-Law returned Dec 4th,along with everyone else. Scotts Sister had her annual fundraising benefit for her company that she could not miss.

OK...Now to the embarrassing part....While I was in College, I met a guy that I sorta dated.

We had s** just a few times, but he was the only guy I had ever had a vaginal o***** with due to (what I think is the girth of his p****)

Don't get me wrong...I have great s** with my Husband whom I adore. I achieve that wonderful state of Zin through Clitoral stim. But there is something about that "other O" that has always eluded me ever sense college.

Anyway...I have never forgot about my college experience and just how THICK "it" was.

Early on the morning of the Bro's wife took a car to the airport.

They had a beautiful suite, so she suggested that I book through the 4th only and spend the last nights in their suite with my Brother Scott.
To be sure, I as glad I did, as it was an amazing and beautiful suite. here I go.....The day my Sis left, my Bro and I went to the beach club and got pretty buzzed.
Just after lunch my Bro said he had a surprise for me, and had booked us for a massage in our suite.

We went back, and although I don't do drugs, my brother lit a joint, and offered me some. I had done it plenty of times in College and so what the heck! I was already kinda buzzed from the Mai Tie's and we smoked.

Within 20 minutes or so a knock on the door, and there were two Asian woman with massage tables.
They set up in the large living area overlooking the pool and ocean.
Then They excused themselves into the bedroom, and asked us to undress and get beneath the Egyptian cotton sheets. I assume they figured we were husband and wife or at least boyfriend/Girlfriend.

I'm not at all shy as I have a nice body for my age, but it was awkward as my Bro was standing there kinda amused, but he immediately began to strip and so I did too.
As I peeled off my bikini bottoms and my top I glanced over as my Bro was climbing onto his table sneaking a look at me.

What I saw blew me away. He had the thickest (you know what) I had ever seen, and he was pretty relaxed)
I climbed into my comfy set up and the ladies knocked, then entered.
We had a 90 minute session which was more then enough for me. My Brother loved every second of it I could tell.
When they finished, they brought us each a towel from the bathroom to cover up in and they left with the tip I gave them.

Scott very casually dropped his towel and turned on the shower as I was brushing m teeth still in my towel. I glanced over to see a fully erect @# and all I could think.
My Brother is tall..6'2 maybe 185 so thin but not at all skinny. That thing he had did not fit his body as I always imagined guys with a thingy like that would be kinda stocky ...I don't know, just seemed strange.
I know my face was red, as I could feel myself blushing.
He asked me to come in the shower with him. He said it was no big deal....we are close and there was nothing weird or sexual about it.
I said nothing for maybe 20 seconds...I was afraid to say yes, even though I wanted to.
Finally...I said sure...dropped my towel and stepped into this huge shower.
Neither of us really looked at each others bodies and just talked about how great the massage was.

He then said that the only thing about getting a massage was that it made him relaxed but really h****.
The end of the story is as you might expect at this point.....He soaped me up, I soaped him, and we ended up doing the deed.
Actually we did it a lot over the next 70hrs.
It was the best I ever had, but have never looked back or talked about it sense.


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  • I think you have a good story and it's very erotic. My mental view of lawyers is that they have to write a lot and proof read their work.Not sure you did that but maybe you too relaxed here.
    I have a liitle sister who loves me to pieces.Just imagine.

  • I think we need more details about you two doing the deed, what kinda positions did you do? who made the first move? how did you guys do it without getting caught?

  • Funny....that's the difference between woman and men.
    Guys want every detail, whereas woman are inclined to use there imagination or tend to leave the mechanics out.
    For your amusement I will provide some detail.
    After we engaged in the rubbing and touching in the shower, within a few seconds my Bro sucked my swollen nipples and immediately went to his knees and began to lick and suck my slightly abnormally large c***. I am not completely shaved...just my v**** lips, and have very dark pubes in a nice V.
    Within just a few minutes he had my Vag doing jumping jax and I wanted his thick p****.
    He stood and I then went I told you he was the thickest I have seen, and I don't think I gave a very good b*******, as I could not really get him in my mouth. What little I did get in hurt my jaw, so I sucked on his head and jacked him with my hands.
    He pulled me up fairly soon and told me he wanted to stick it in. We had no condoms, and I was apprehensive, but I had finished my period just 3 days before and I knew I was in my safe zone.
    I told I wanted to do it, but he had to promise to pull it out and not c** inside me.
    He promised, and he turned me to face the wall and he mounted me from behind.
    It hurt like h*** at first....he pulled it out and stuck his tongue back in me and tongue f***** me till I was sopping again. This time was better as he stuck it in me.
    As he began to pump me I have never felt so full.
    It started to feel real good...and when I started thinking about it was my own Brother pumping me I began to really get into it....He had not been inside of me more then a few minutes when he pulled out, turned me to face him.
    Ok...I have never dome it this way, but it was the best position ever for me to o*****.
    He spread his legs out while facing me, then stuck it in so were standing facing each other, and he started pumping me hard and fast facing me....within a few seconds I had my fist vaginal o*****. We did it lots more...gotta work. More later

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