Driving home tonight I screamed at a driver for being on their phone and weaving into my lane almost causing an accident. Mainly because my horn doesn't work and it's my verbal way of getting them to notice me even though they probably can't hear me screaming. But then I screamed because the horn didn't work. And again because I left late from work and still need to get groceries. And again because I hate going to buy groceries and why can't they make it fun in there so I will want to go instead of the depressing fluorescent light soul suck that it is. And then I screamed again because we are on a damn budget because we are stupid with money. And then another car did a stupid thing and I screamed again. And then I just couldn't stop screaming...so I kept doing it. All the way to the store which is about 20 minutes of screaming. I thought the screaming was pent up frustration and it was like letting air out of a balloon. But I am no happier. No calmer. Not til now. Not til writing about it. Thank you for this site.

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  • Buy a car cam and video these idiot drivers.
    Then show them on youtube.

  • I wish I could vent like that. I tend to hold things in.

  • Lots of times we keep things bottled up inside and sooner or later all of those things you have been holding inside just have to come out. I admit I am one of those People especially in relationships! I wish I could just come out and say what needs to be said like a lot of people do. But no, I have to sugarcoat it even though I'm p***** off.

  • Vent away!

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