i am a 14 yr old guy, going on 15 next

i am a 14 yr old guy, going on 15 next week. i have a phobia of anything sexual and whilst all the other guys in my school (its an allguy school) drool over p**** i have never been turned on before or felt remotely attracted . it is really confusing. evrybody thinks i must be gay and i feel like a freak bcos i (this sounds stupid) tried being gay, str8 and bi, but none of them worked, i couldnt be gay str8 or bi. Am i a freak? i don't know. but i think i might know why i am so weird.
when i was 11 my godmother fell in love with this guy called Marc. When i went to stay with her i met him. Sometimes she had to go to work and leave me in his care. Then he used to do things. like weird things. sexual stuff i guess. he used to touch me in places i didnt want to be touched. he never like kissed me or raped me. he was just weird and creepy. luckily tho, or unluckily for my godmother, the 2 of them went to egypt for a fortnite holiday except they never came back. their like on the missing persons list.
i no this mite b y im so weird but i dunno i just dont get how that made me like asexual or sumthing.

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  • The sexual molestation has caused you some serious damage, so talk to someone asap. But, you are still young, so maybe your hormones just haven't kicked in yet.

  • Ok seriously the f** alert is annoying now, does it make you happy to ruin others lives, who do you think your impressing by calling people f***, huh? Your a piece of s***, now the person who wrote the confession, I feel sorry for you, the man who did that stuff to you, is a sick freak!! Just so you know if they're anything you wanna talk about im here, im also the same age as you (15 ,girl) so if you want email or anything just let me know, what that b****** did is molesting!

  • Look I know two people who were molested one does not like s** at all and the other loves s** to the extreme.Being molested messes with your mind worse than drugs.Get some help sweety.That man might have pulled that stuff on someone else in egypt maybe thaat's why he is missing.Sorry about your godmother.

  • F** Alert !!! ^^

  • Your just young

  • F** Alert !! ^^

  • dont listen to the one idiot. thats just probly what his father told him to do. seriously, no shame i telling a parent. its very understadable why you arent into s** like your counterparts. you need to figure out how to deal with what happeed to you. confide in an adult who is good at listening and when you begin to get resolution- you will figure out how you feel sexually.

  • F** Alert !

  • Person who last posted shut up why dont u go and cut YOURSELF.

  • The truth of the matter is that your a f** and really the only solution for your faggotary like yours is suicide..
    Your godmother probably knew how much of a h*** you were and decided " well he's gonna need practice sucking c***" so again its ok..
    Now all you need to do is gather up the strengh, get yourself a sharp razor and slice your wrist open to kingdom come....
    It'll solve everything, trust me.

  • Counselling. No shame in it. I think we all need it to correct our s***.

  • i dont think ur a freak at all. That's horrible what happened to you and thats really messed up about how ur grandmother and that guy left and never came back. One thing though if u havent already u should really tell someone what that guy did to you. Someone sexually abused me when i was younger now im 15 but i feel a lot better to get it off my chest.

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