My weird fetish

Hey I’m a teen girl who is gay and I have a confession, I am very turned on by farts and burps and even stomach growls. I have kept in inside for a long time because honestly I’m not proud of it. I get turned on when it’s females, if anyone relates to me in anyway shape or form that would be great. I feel so alone and weird because I’m a gay burrito with what the internet says is the most “unusual weird fetish ever” I’m embarrassed about it, please give me advice and if you are Simular I would love to connect thank you 💖

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  • You're not alone..

  • 🤢🤮

  • You're not alone. I have these fetishes too. Especially the stomach growl fetish. I'm a girl and yes it is special but not weird(cause weird is a negative word). I don't care about what the jerks say about me, they can say everything they want. I can sometimes be down but i know too that these people who think i'm weird isn't those people who are gonna be your friends or partners. You have to focus on those who respect you for who you are and are polite.

  • Hii am also mail me

  • You there sweetheart...

  • As if this f****** world would care and a make a difference to you...all they want is to see you in pain.....make your own way...all are alone here

  • #stupidass

  • Sigh

  • You're the same loser that writes the other stories. Get a F-U-C-K-I-N-G life

  • Why you don't get a life instead of being a j*** on the internet and bully us about our fetishes?

  • This sounds fake lol

  • How old are you hun...

  • Well you might not be alone here. The stomach growler posts prolifically. Or if you are that same person then yes you are one of a kind

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